Top 20 celebrities’ brothers and sisters you never knew existed!

Not as beautiful, more talented, just as charismatic, you can’t help making comparisons between these anonymous people and their famous siblings. They refuse to live in the shadow of their brother or sister. These celebrities’ brothers and sisters live anonymously and try to exist on their own, more or less successfully. Many of them resemble each other and some don’t, and side by side, we immediately recognize them as family, but alone it’s much more difficult. 

Famous athletes, Hollywood actors and actresses, and singers: will you be able to recognize those who grew up together?

Here are 20 secret brothers and sisters of celebrities:

1. Lila and Zinedine Zidane

2. Gad and Arié Elmaleh

3. Victoria Beckham and Louise Adams

4.  Shannon and Jared Leto

5. Nathalie and Yannick Noah

6. Steve and Michael Buscemi

7. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

8. Momo and Jamel Debbouze 

9. Alex and Emma Watson

10. Doug and Brad Pitt

11. Penelope and Monica Cruz

12. Lizzy, Victoria and Robert Pattinson

13. Cameron and Chimene Diaz

14. Sean and Neil Connery

15. Beyonce and Solange Knowles

16. Patrick and Don Swayze

17. Jennifer and Lynda Lopez

18. Jennifer and Blaine Lawrence

19. Natasha and Jude Law

20. Vincent and Mathias Cassel