These 21 people will never buy anything else on the internet... And they have reason!

Online shopping is convenient, because we can save money and especially save our energy... But beware of scams!

A PC, internet access, and banking information, you can pretty much order anything online! There’s a reason that this type of business has taken off. But as with anything that becomes popular, scammers are ready and unsuspecting customers are the ones who pay the price...


2. He ordered a tent for going to a festival but didn’t check the measurements!

3. Well, it's close, but...

4. For our friends, the garden Smurfs!

5. It fits the cat perfectly!

“My 16-year old daughter bought this item. It’s ridiculously small, and it probably isn’t legal for me to post a picture of her wearing it to show you what it looks like. So, to make up for it, Here’s a picture of our cat wearing this piece of clothing. To be honest, you have to admit that at least it covers the cat’s breasts. However, the cat hates lace. Don’t buy this thing…even for your cat.”

6. Very elaborate cutting anyway ...


8. Total surprise! 

“This is for a surprise party for my mom and we live together. Will you please make the box discreet so she won’t be able to tell that it’s party decorations?”


10. Remember to order the right size loaf of bread on the same site!

11. It's not quite as sexy, is it?

12. This doesn’t really have the same effect as on the model!

13. Do not use around children!

“The ‘fur wolf’s tail for a Halloween party’ that I ordered on e-Bay came today…But does anyone know how I’m supposed to attach it?”


15. An "exact" copy, is exactly what it means!

1-star: Bad product

"I bought this mug for my wife, thinking that she could transform it herself into a cute little Christmas scene. But no! They just printed the image right on the mug! I tried to get my money back. It's shameful, and it's false advertising!"

16. ... Not-so-cute pajamas!


18. When you buy online, you learn to recycle things!

19. This guy ordered a Mac Book Air... You could say his scammer has a sense of humor!

20. The fur is half full!