These 17 objects cut in half are simply amazing

It’s hard to imagine what the insides of a car look like. It’s interesting to think about all the parts under the seat or underneath the dash. Imagine the excitement that would come from splitting a rocket in half.

There are many objects that have been cut for various reasons in the photos below. Take advantage of this moment to satisfy your curiosity, or simply to be amazed!

1. This car will never run again...

2. It's interesting to see the inside of a bullet.

3. Here's what’s underneath you when you travel by plane:

4. The inside of a baseball!

5. Not surprisingly, there’s a little container, and a lot of what’s inside!

6. After a marathon, you want to know why your feet hurt so bad!

7. Cutting a bowling ball is not an easy task…

8. The difference between a hockey helmet and a football helmet!

9. Well, this will only be interesting to mechanics surfing the web: here’s a car engine!

10. Watch out, the bees might not be happy!

11. Is it a flowerbed? No, cables cut in half…

12. Here is the inside of a motorcycle helmet... something that can save a life.

13. This ship was not actually cut in half, but it was in the process of being built…

14. An Aloe leaf... transparent!

15. A camera lens split in two, with a lot of pieces inside.

16. A meteorite cut in two is always impressive…

17. This calculator must be from the 1970s...