There's more to these 13 everyday objects than meets the eye

They're objects that we use everyday, but do we really know about all their hidden secrets? Whether it's a pen lid, a rivet or a simple cup, a lot of designs have tiny, hard-to-spot details that serve a purpose.

They may not be vital ideas, but they make our lives a lot easier, even if we're unaware of it... So, in honor of all the genius designers and inventors out there, we've unveiled a secret behind 13 everyday objects!

1. Jean rivets aren't just for show!  They are placed on the seams that are most likely to tear!

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2. This tiny hole protects the locking mechanism of a padlock from rust if it's been out in the rain - water inside simply drains away

3. This notch is deliberate - it prevents water from stagnating after you've washed your cup

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4. So you can hang up your saucepan and also use it to hold your utensils

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5. A child safety measure... If you child swallows the lid, a little hole ensures that they will still be able to breathe.

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6. Pompons were invented for sailors to protect the top of their heads in case their boat was thrown about in choppy seas!

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7. The metal tip and hole are so that you can secure a tape measure with a nail and free up your hands!


8. Some child safety lids are impossible for them to open, but to make your life easier you can temporarily and easily close the lid by turning it upside down.

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9. The brushes on the side aren't to polish your shoes, but to prevent clothes from getting caught!

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10. A multi-purpose wrench

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11. This arrow shows you which side your gas cap is on!

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12. iPhone chargers have handy hooks so you can wrap up the cable

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13. Ever noticed this tiny hole?  It's your camera's microphone!

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