There's always someone having a worse time and here are 26 photos as proof!

We all have days when we wish we'd stayed in bed! Nothing seems to go right and all we can do is resign ourselves to the fact that our day's going to suck.  That said, there's often someone, somewhere having a harder time! Car door handles breaking when they're already late for work, a tree that falls on their roof rather than the garden... So if you're having a tough day, rest assured that you're not alone and here's the proof!

1. A great start to the day... A broken car door handle

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2. When you're showing a potential buyer around your house and this happens!

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3. When your partner promises to cook dinner...

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4. When a tornado's heading straight for your home

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5. When strong winds blow the traffic lights so they're directly facing your bedroom window.  Sweet dreams!

© lavrovya/pikabu  

6. When you get home to find this feathery guy's moved in!

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7. You open the car door and then see this!

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8. Ouch! When a porcupine jumps down from a tree just as you walk past

© Yachtnaught/reddit  

9. You wake up from your nap and look out the window only to see part of the wing's blown off!

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10. This is what happens if you don't properly peg down your tent!

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11. When you need to replace the TV and repair a wall

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12. You spent a fortune on the best seat only to have the ref stand in front of you

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13. Why would he open his sunroof?

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14. When your neighbors throw their Christmas tree out of the window

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15. Oops! Hope their insurance pays up!

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16. When you forget your key and try to kick the door in...

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17. The day you found your car splattered with paint...

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18. Close call!

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19. When your dog finds your new $300 Stetson

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20. So near and yet so far

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21. Never apply a fake tan if you're upset and likely to cry!

© thiscontradiction/imgur  

22. So how would you handle this? Fight or flight?

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23. An olive oil slick.  We pity whoever has to clean this up!

© AndySlot/imgur  

24. When your heated seat starts to catch fire

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25. Always read the instructions before you use starch!

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26. Ugh... What's the bet they felt really ill after lapping up all this fat?

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