The day that Lady Luck smiled on these 24 people

How many times have you met someone who believes they attract bad luck?  We all know how it feels to have a bad day, but what about those awesome moments when we have an almost unbelievable stroke of good luck? 

Here are 24 times when Lady Luck decided to smile on someone... Whether you think it's a matter of karma or simple coincidence, these snaps are doing the social network rounds and you'll have to agree that some of these guys must have been thanking their lucky stars!

1. When you drop, but still manage to rescue your keys!

© ZSnake / reddit  

20. A very close call!

© lehighwiz / reddit  

3. Enough to make us wonder if guardian angels exist...

© baklanah / imgur  

4. When you buy the biggest banana on the planet...

© LukeeXIV / imgur  

5. Followed by a juicy, giant strawberry

© diogy1210 / reddit  

6. One happy kid!  Watching your idol play is one thing, but how about getting to meet them?!

© filmmaker7288 / reddit  

7. When your son meets Tinkerbell from Peter Pan!

© SexyUsernameIsSexy  

8. He got teased at school, but had the last laugh when he shared a Jacuzzi with 8 cuties!

© akbl55 / reddit  

9. This guy found this in his McDonald’s burger... Imagine what could have happened if he'd swallowed it!

© triptanic / reddit  

10. Friends reunited!

© Kelly Leigh Booker / facebook  

Kelly Booker lost his dog in 2011. Four years' later the dog was found several miles from home, but thanks to its chip, this adorable pooch was eventually reunited with its owner!

11. What are the chances of this happening?

© Tarhana Dehcet / twitter  

12. When you find 5 peanuts instead of the usual 2!

© unknown / imgur  

13. The curliest curly fry in existence!

© renny237 / reddit  

14. When you find a mega marshmallow!

© MrSharlieCheen / reddit  

15. A mutant, but tasty, Sour Patch Kid!

© FLaWxLesS / imgur  

16. One for avocado-lovers!

© acharles331 / imgur  

17. A Skittle made of mini-Skittles

© Munchlax / imgur  

18. When all your eggs turn out to be double-yolkers!

© unknown / imgur  

19. The Russian Doll of tangerines!

© HLSD / reddit  

20. When your Kinder Egg gives you an extra surprise!

© kayrayohkay / reddit  

21. When your lemon tree produces this!

© CaboseTheMoose / reddit  

22. Ever seen twin bananas?

© OmaBerebeer309 / reddit  

23. When 8 grapes become 1!

© darko81 / reddit  

24. When your pack of 2 pizzas actually contains 3!

© unknown / imgur