Check out these 26 photos of seemingly impossible things

According to some people, everything's possible, but that doesn't mean we'll always believe our eyes when we see something weird, incongruous or just plain crazy! If you need proof then check out the following photos, which have all taken the internet by storm, as surfers continue to share snaps of some really strange sights!

Here are 26 seemingly impossible photos that range from funny to mind-boggling!  What about you? Have you ever seen something that's really messed with your brain? Share your photos and comments with us below!

1. When two kiwi birds decide to snack on some slices of kiwi

© ZombieBytes / imgur  

2. A customer who ordered a cheeseburger without onion, sauces, gherkins, bread or meat!  Bon appetit!

© coL_Merchant / twitter  

3. Probably the strangest thing we've seen this year...

© dysplacement / twitter  

4. What do you think?  Has the grass grown up through the center of this pole or has it just sprouted at the top?

© JDrift01 / reddit  

5. The thing on the right isn't a mutant banana... It's a mutant lemon!

© Jefabell / reddit  

6. The neatest broken plate in the history of crockery!

© komodokid / reddit  

7. When you cut your finger while opening a pack of Band-Aids!

© 4Coffins / reddit  

8. How? Why? Any ideas?

© brokendimension / reddit  

9. When dripping candle wax forms the perfect candle!

© unknown author / imgur  

10. When a piece of bone sneaks into a packet of M&M’s!

© devileddog / imgur  

11. One for digital nomads... A coffee shop couch that has an electric socket for your laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone!

© unknown author / imgur  

12. These headset wires got tangled up to form a perfect knot!

© MemeLordZeta / reddit  

13. Maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are throwing a foam party?

© AlbieMoris / reddit  

14. Two bottles of water were left overnight in the same car at the same temperature.  One froze, the other didn't! Go figure...

© Exleh / reddit  

15. A wasp that doesn't have an abdomen!

© unknown author / imgur  

16. Decorative extractor hoods...

© BrilliantWeb / reddit  

17.  Looks like Elsa from Frozen's been for a stroll...

© unknown author / imgur  

18. Where are the doors?

© imac1999YT / reddit  

19. There has to be a story behind this...

© VintagePunk / imgur  

20. A tree that grows both oranges and lemons!

© P_M_Me_Your_Kittehs / imgur  

21. A four-legged chick

© victorjeronimo10 / reddit  

22. This car crashed into and broke a pole, but after the impact the pole was left hanging in mid-air!

© jblaise13 / reddit  

23. When a plant manages to sprout and break through the rubber flooring on the 5th floor of a high-rise block!

© unknown author / imgur  

24. Proof that wood is a living material... Sap oozing from the side of a wooden chair!

© aaacat / reddit  

25. When daylight and sunshine don't bleach out all the letters on an old announcement

© favouredhunter / imgur  

26. A plant that germinated inside a mint candy

© imalittleticked / reddit