Check out these 26 innovative household accessories and furniture designs

The design world is constantly coming up with ideas to brighten up our homes and make our daily lives easier. From clever storage ideas to cooking utensils, you'll have to agree that the following deserve to go on any design-lover's wish list!

Here are 26 of the coolest, most innovative designs to have recently hit the stores and customers are lining up to buy them!

1. The easiest garlic crusher in the culinary world

© Leifheit  

2. Fed up of trying to balance cups and glasses on the arm of your sofa?  Then why not invest in this handy 'side table'!

© shoeboxdwelling  

3. We love this 'tospy-turvy' coffee table!

© MrWiggleIt / reddit  

4. In Spain you can find mops that look like Doogal from the Magic Roundabout movie

© PeterBeast37 / reddit  

5. Back-stabbing Brutus would have loved one of these!

© yesusername / reddit  

6. We could stare at this for hours!

© 9999monkeys / reddit  

7. Ever seen a chocolate gorilla take a milky bath?

© CosmicKeys / reddit  

8. A mesmerizing jigsaw puzzle

© Foxx7771 / pikabu  

9. An easy to follow chess set for beginners!

© adarunti / reddit  

10. Who wouldn't want one of these?

© Tribunator / pikabu  

11. A practical soap dish... Although we reckon this could also work as a salt/pepper/spice shaker

© skomm / pikabu  

12. They may be tiny, but they work just as well as their full-sized versions

© kalitarios / reddit  

13. The most beautiful chess set in the world!

© Tribunator / pikabu  

14. Create a great ambiance with this corner light!

© BomgKampot / pikabu  

15. A useful and beautiful way to store headphones

© Tribunator / pikabu  

16. Because bees know how to use space wisely!

© CrazyBermud / pikabu  

17. A 'vintage' amp for modern smartphones

© Tribunator / pikabu  

18. The perfect table for any gamers out there!

© Kellerlight / pikabu  

19. The end of toothpaste tube arguments!

© foxpost / reddit  

20. An 80's inspired night stand!

© Kellerlight / pikabu  

21. An ocean topography table!

© Gman32511 / reddit  

22. The 'sleepy' nightlight that helps your child to doze off

© An1onn / imgur  

23. A chair that springs back to its original form!

© Veronique Baer / facebook  

24. A tool set for any guys who like to show off their softer side

© Firebox / facebook  

25. An awesome idea!


26. "If you go down to the woods tonight..."

© Le_Canard / reddit