Check out these 24 unnerving optical illusions

Sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us... A shadow that looks like a person, a reflection that makes us think we've seen a ghost - whatever it is, optical illusions can make our imaginations go wild and really mess with our brains.

Here are 24 unnerving photos that range from funny to creepy - which one freaks you out the most?

1. Batman + Catwoman = Catman!

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2. When you get home to find your wife has grown a man's head

© craigstone_  

3. A man without a head or a kid without a face? What's your verdict?

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4. Nice pants!

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5. 'Toon-shaded' jeans... Would you wear these?

© Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplays  

6. Mother Nature proving she has a wicked sense of humor!

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7. When a hiker perfectly blends into the surroundings!

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8. Imagine playing hide and seek with this pooch!

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9. Praying mantis or an orchid... Either way the colors are awesome

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10. When stacked chairs become a sculpture

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11. A work by Daniel Arsham: a wall clock that fell and took the wall with it!

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12. Would you be able to tell the difference between white eggplants and hardboiled eggs?

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13. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this radiator is a smiling robot!

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14. A human tree

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15. Have you ever seen a Siamese rose?

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16. A decorative pile of snow peas!

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17. A school playground that looks like a scene from a video game!

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18. The gateway to Hell...

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19. A cop who also works as a taxi driver?

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20. An astonished piece of bread!

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21. Is that a furry creature on her shoulder?

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22. A mutant egg!

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23. Cupcakes or cacti? Would you dare take a bite?

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24. Two seconds after a vampire got caught in a ray of sunshine...

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