Check out these 21 strange discoveries that deserve a closer look

There are some weird and wonderful things in our world, some of which have changed the course of history or expanded our knowledge of the universe, while others are just simply cool to look at! 

Whether they're man-made or the work of Mother Nature, this selection ranges from surprising to funny and in some cases we're still trying to figure what's going on... 

Here are 21 strange discoveries that deserve a closer look!

1. This looks like a slice of Alien cake!

© imgur/ illblowoutyourOring  

It's actually called Fordite and you can find it in Detroit!

2. No they're not dyed... These are blue olives!

© CleverD3vil / Reddit  

3. This person found a live sand dollar on a beach

© chelsealrp / Reddit  

4. We really want to know what's going on here...

© allinduetime / Reddit 

5. A huge icicle... This guy is 6ft tall!

© AffableJoker / Reddit  

6. Old soda bottles that this guy found in his grandparents' cellar!

7. A high-tech anti-theft device?

© chewydream5150 / Imgur  

8. Any idea what this weird creature is?

© bicode / Reddit  

9. This tiger's been working out - check out those muscles!

© Itoldyouyouwouldregret / Imgur  

10. A delicate, transparent leaf!

© Oakzaa / Reddit  

11. “Found in my grandfather’s house, any ideas?”

© INeedWaterToLive / Reddit  

12. A branch that's growing back into itself

© sinead71 / Reddit  

13. Hilarious! We'd buy these just for the packaging!

© R0b0ticMONSTER / Reddit  

14. A 1941 unopened bottle of Pepsi Cola! Would you try it?

© halfmex / Reddit  

15. A giant luna moth!

© PalmettoZ71 / Reddit  

16. That's once massive office chair!

© Waylonzo / Reddit

17. A moss-filled bottle!

© Ancylid / Reddit  

18. Hummingbird eggs!

© Imakeyoulaughlongtime / Imgur  

19. An albino ladybird

© MakerBlend / Reddit  

20.  A cobweb that's wrapped around a bubble!

© LookAtMySweater / Imgur  

21. This lady found a tired bee, so gave it a sweet drink... A few minutes later he was ready to take flight!

© ItsOnlyMe2017 / Reddit