Check out these 21 spine-tingling photos

We all have nerve-wrecking moments when we feel our hackles rise! Spooky movies, chilling thrillers... They can scare us witless, but at least we know they're just the stuff of fantasy. Problems arise, however, when we're faced with something real, so spare a thought for these people, who managed to snap and share their very own creepy moment!

What about you?  Have you ever found yourself face to face with something that sent shivers down your spine? Have you ever had to do a double take to make sure your eyes aren't playing tricks on you?

Here are 21 spine-tingling photos of situations that we really hope we'll never have to face!

1. Lemons may not be dangerous, but still...

© ButterflyEffectDivergence/imgur

2. What would you do?  Run or still try to get into your car?

© 47Racing/reddit  

3. An arachnophobic's worst nightmare

© the soul is bone / tumblr  

4. Always watch your step!

© Miauen/reddit  

5. Uhhhh...

© Destinyizer/reddit  

6. The Swiss carnival in Lucerne... Nothing to do with the KKK, but featuring traditional costumes once worn by Medieval executioners

© dtorb/reddit  

7. Just a guy hanging out with his alligator

© The_Answer_Is_42__/reddit  

8. Fueling up their armored vehicles...

© sawklor/reddit  

9. Now that's what we call an icy winter!

© slight/reddit  

10. The jury's still out on this one!

© Samwiseii/reddit  

11. If Lady Gaga can wear meat, then why not Barbie?

© Berniegrl/reddit  

12. How much would you pay for this?

© TaoTeChing8/reddit  

13. Enough to put a kid off Christmas for life!

© pixiehammer/reddit  

14. Squirrel bar...

© jordanpetersisgenius/reddit  

15. Recycled coffin...

© jromeit/reddit  

16. For lovely fresh hair?

© 88outtatime/reddit  

17. Would you hitch a ride in this?

© Nxtinventor/reddit  

18. A disappearing building?

© fa1coner/reddit

19. Transparent lip plates!

© 100Magikarp/reddit  

20. Imagine being their pedicurist!

© neganxjohn_snow/reddit  

21. Catching a free ride

© demcDman/reddit