Check out these 21 perfectly timed photos

The internet is awash with perfectly timed snaps that would put professional photographers to shame. It’s all a matter of being in the right place at the right time and having your smartphone at the ready!

From unusual lighting to clever angles, the following selection of optical illusions has quite rightly taken social networks by storm!  Which one's your favorite and do you have any awesome images that you'd like to share?

1. Let the battle commence!

© yourbrotherrex/reddit  

2. Just an angel texting as she walks

© ArthurJMinoz/reddit  

3. Yes, even eagles have smartphones

© IMispelWords/imgur  

4. When a bed sheet becomes the stuff of nightmares

© unknown/reddit  

5. When you become one with Aragorn

© _NITRISS_/reddit  

6. Poetic

© FiveFingerDeathPunchYourFarthole/imgur  

7. This one really messes with our brains

© blaQriot/reddit  

8. Just a guy painting the sky

9. A centaur at work

© unknown/imgur  

10. So which legs belong to which person?

© LFranceschi/reddit  

11. Treble clef!

© unknown/reddit  

12. When a dragonfly settles down next to a tattoo

© Callyzone/reddit  

13. This is really surreal!

© verguy/imgur  

14. Patriotic water

© doublebeatloaf/reddit  

15. When a basketball forms an eclipse

© MDPPatrick/reddit  

16. First responders, real-life guardian angels!

© unknown/reddit  

17. Some bees don't just carry pollen!

© Mikepants/imgur  

18. When even a dog wants to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa

19. The giant invasion begins

© speedota/reddit  

20. A levitating speech

© unknown/reddit  

21. Sacred toilet

© Trololmam72/reddit