Check out these 18 one-in-a-million sights that were photographed around the world

Imagine if you're quietly relaxing on your balcony when a Mirage 2000 suddenly sweeps by or if you spot an insect that has the McDonald's 'M' clearly marked on its back... Suffice to say that our world is full of weird and wonderful surprises!

This selection of awesome photos shows the stranger things in life - amazing shots that were taken at the right place, at the right time from all four corners of the globe! 

1. At this point there's nothing the firefighters can do

© acidcow  

2. How can this be possible?

© acidcow  

3. Ever seen a fly-by like this?

© acidcow  

4. Ejector seat!

© acidcow  

5. By the power of Grayskull or may the Force be with you???

© Khoshteep / imgur  

6. A McDonald's-loving bug

© u/zimmystar / reddit  

7. That's one spiky cactus

© u/Proteon / reddit  

8. When a plane creates a rainbow

© acidcow  

9. Winter's fun... Unless you own this car!

© acidcow  

10. Levitate up to your front door...

© u/nameiztaken / reddit  

11. An image that sums up the state of our oceans...

© u/gangbangkang / reddit  

12. In-house parking

© acidcow  

13. Looking down on our planet

© panther009 / imgur  

14. Please tell us there's a safety net below!

© acidcow  

15. When you have to wait for summer in order to move your car

© acidcow  

16. Door to door delivery?

© acidcow  

17. A Spiderman lizard

© acidcow  

18. Very well trained K9's!

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