Check out these 18 drivers who decided to park wherever they pleased!

Check out these 18 drivers who decided to park wherever they pleased!

Most people rely on cars to get themselves from A to B, but cars also need to be parked... You may lucky enough to have an allocated slot at work or home, but a lot of time we have to rely on public parking lots, which is where things can get a bit tricky...

Here are 18 people who didn't give a damn about other drivers and decided to park wherever they liked!

1. When you're stuck in a supermarket parking lot due to this...

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2. When a driver doesn't even care about pedestrian access

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3. When someone hates their neighbors...

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4. Even Aladdin sometimes parks wherever he likes...

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5. When your neighbor parks in your spot so you decide to throw away their car

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6. Taking parking rules literally

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7. Oh where to begin...

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8. Does this even qualify as a car?

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9. Because Lenin prefers parking lots to parks?

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10. When you get clamped, but have a spare wheel in the boot...

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11. They're called 'hand breaks' and some drivers need to learn how to use them!

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12. Why? How? Any ideas?

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13. When someone never comes back to collect their car

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14. Looks like this driver forgot something...

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15. We hope their insurance is up to date!

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16. Hell hath no fury like a driver scorned!

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17. When the tide comes in really quickly...

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18. When an old lady has a very close call!

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