Check out these 16 inventions guaranteed to change our everyday lives

Even the smallest inventions can drastically improve our lives. At first you may think they're a total waste of time. You can't imagine why someone bothered to come up with the idea. And then one day you try it out and wonder why you'd at first been so cynical!

Proof that the world is always full of surprises... Just like the awesome ideas below! How many of these are you now tempted to try?

1. Yes, some buses have USB ports

© Unknown user / Imgur  

2. A pizza distributor

© Xscorpio13 / Reddit  

3. Integrated magnifying glasses so you can read the small print

© vaccamao / reddit  

4. Kiss goodbye to sticky hands!

© bakaken / reddit  

5. So your toddler can sit down while you change your other kid's diaper

© helloreddit3645 / Reddit  

6. Candy-sized soap

© Dreams6  

7. The Floyd Leg

© Floyd  

8. Tallinn Aiport has a display to show you how to knot a tie

© Suslik1415 / Reddit  

9. Ice cream with an edible anti-drip cone

© The Drip Drop / Facebook  

10. A candle that comes with a box of matches

© Den Studio  

11. A connected jacket!

© danny161016 / Reddit  

12. Hands-free viewing

© Designboom  

13. When you reach the green staples, you'll know you're near the end

© nenitb / Reddit 

14. Individual egg box

© HeatherLeeAnn / Reddit  

15. For when you need to easily pick something up

© Freehands  

16. A water bottle with a pill dispenser lid

© Yanko Design