Check out these 14 objects that you can turn into clever hidey-holes

We all have valuable objects or important documents that we need to keep safe, without renting an expensive safety deposit box.  The problem is that classic safes are easy for burglars to find, so people are always coming up with clever ways to hide their belongings often in the most mundane of objects!

So if you need to a secret hidey-hole to stash away your valuables, then check out these 14 clever, cost-friendly ideas!

1. Underneath your kitchen's base cabinets

Burglars won't automatically think of searching your kitchen, so hide valuables underneath your base units!

2. Vacuum cleaner

Don't throw away an old vacuum cleaner - replace the bag with an envelope that contains your important documents!

3. A globe

A visually-pleasing, effective safe!

4. Old aerosols!

Piercing aerosols can be dangerous, which makes them the last thing that a burglar would try to open!

5. Behind your bathroom or kitchen tiles

If you're good at DIY, then you can install a secret drawer behind tiling... Even James Bond wouldn't think of looking here!

6. Books

It may not be original, but if you have a large library of books, we doubt a thief would go through each one to see if a valuable object has been stashed in the pages.

7. Empty condiment jars

In this case, paint the inside of an old mayonnaise jar with a beige color... A burglar will only look inside the jar if he or she fancies making a sandwich!

8. Soda cans

Clever and an eco-friendly way to recycle old soda cans!

9. Paint pots

Paint pots can be hard to open and most house burglars don't have a lot of time on their hands when they're searching a house!

10. Keyboards

if you know how to take a keyboard apart, then this is one sneaky hidey-hole!

11. Doors

Drill little holes on the top of a door to make hard-to-spot mini safes perfect for bills or small objects!

12. Paintings

Safes behind paintings are too obvious, but hiding stuff behind a simple photo may fool even the canniest of thieves.

13. Shelves

Store valuables behind your comic, CD or vinyl collection!

14. Old video cassettes

Recycle old video cassettes by taking out the mechanism and using them as safes!