Check out these 13 life-changing inventions

Some inventors deserve a Nobel Prize for their genius, accessible and life-changing solutions to everyday problems!

From the moment an idea is born to the day an invention reaches the stores, the product has to go through several lengthy and costly processes... Financing the project, finding a manufacturer, product testing, not to mention expensive ad and marketing campaigns.

Here's a selection that in our humble opinions make the grade and deserve to be on all our wish lists!

1. You can't play any music until you've fastened your seat belt

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2. Tires with wear indicators - easier than using your nails!

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3. Cool corner drawers!

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4. A dispenser that automatically refunds you if you don't get the item you picked

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5. Individual, secure dog houses at a supermarket entrance

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6. This restaurant provides free mouth wash

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7. Wave the door open in this public restroom

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8. Sturdy tires that don't need pumping up!

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9. A cart with a seat for kids or anyone with reduced mobility 

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10. One for medical assistance and one to alert firefighters

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11. A library that also loans out cake tins!

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12. Adjust the heat with this handy sauce dispenser!

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13. A fence with integrated benches!

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