Check out this tattoo artist's amazing creations!

Getting inked is no small matter, particularly if you want beautifully finished designs that also hold some meaning. Whether you want to cover your body or go for a discreet motif, the range of styles to choose from is endless!

So if you're looking for inspiration, check out this selection of tattoos by the awesome New Zealander Jasper Andres, who's famous for slick designs that fuse nature with geometry, drawn with a precision that will make a lot of tattoo artists green with envy!

Read on and prepare to be blown away!

1. A red panda surrounded by leaves

2. When dusk falls

3. We 'love' the contrasting subject

4. A polar bear

5. The art of using a quill pen

6. Striking colors and shapes

7. Skyscrapers? Icebergs?  Let your imagination run wild!

8. A hovering dragonfly

9. A horned rabbit and a fiery tree

10. A cut crystal heart with 'chakra' details

11. A stunning lion's head

12. An emerging fox

13. A stag