14 scenes of everyday life captured by a smartphone

There are events in everyday life that happen without a witness having quick enough reflexes to grab a camera or a phone to capture it forever. However, some situations are worth keeping for eternity.

The people below did have quick reflexes. They were able to quickly grab a device to capture what was happening right in front of them. You’ll see some things here that you don’t see every day.

1. Apparently, she didn’t take her wedding well.

© worx777 / Reddit  

2. “My daughter drew a pillow in the middle of the sidewalk and took a nap.”

© Gridim / Pikabu 

3. Somewhere in Siberia, a strange person lurks...

© moonsugar / Pikabu  

4. “My wife took a bath and our pets, who hate water, all came to see if she was OK.”

© johnneh / Twitter  

5. It's so cute, but the poor thing can’t move..

© Rotor1983 / Pikabu  

6. The weather report called for a sunny week, but I think they were confused.

© King_Baboon / Reddit  

7. “No, I don’t need a bath!”

© EvilGrEeKs45 / Reddit  

8. Well, it's time to go home. This Halloween is terrifying!

© renee_martel / Twitter  

9. He seems to be having fun on his birthday…

© MaryOverMatter / Reddit  

10. This is how I look when I wake up in the morning.

© semjazaa / Reddit  

11. The book taught him something…

© thinman66 / Reddit 

12. “I had a flashback from a famous movie when my daughter took a bath…”

© Schuloch / Reddit  

13. You can find love anywhere.

© rafabauer / Twitter 

14. “Me, my sister, and my best friend from left to right... what a fun vacation.”

© -NoCoolName- / Reddit