Can you guess what these 19 weird objects are?

Throughout history, inventions have arrived at pivotal moments in time. Inventions which, for the most part, no longer have a use today. They may now be collector items or simply things stored in attics or drawers.

However, when we find one and then learn what it was used for, all becomes clear and we find ourselves with something truly fascinating that deserves to be treasured!

1. An antique shop had this object for sale, but no one knew what it was

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Use: To hold a roast ham when you carve it. The complete set includes an attached chopping board.

2. This came with a pair of shoes that were ordered online

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Use: It's for displaying a shoe.

3. A bicycle chain attached to a car?

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Use: It's part of the car's homemade battery charger

4. When you receive a strange gift with no instructions

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Use: It's a Himalayan calendar. The first set of balls refers to months, the second and third are days and the last four are the year.

5. A surprising wedding present

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Use: It's a cheese holder, so that you can easily cut a slice with a grater.

6. A strange pan

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Use: It's for poaching food and can hold different-sized containers.

7. A letter knife with numbers

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Use: It's also used for weighing a letter.

8. Bought at a garage sale in Germany

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Use: It's a vacuum cleaner nozzle!

9. This box has a patent dated 1889 but with no patent registration number

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Use: It's a box by Singer to hold sewing machine accessories.

10. Imagine getting this for your birthday

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Use: It's a nodule from a Banksia plant that's been dried and turned into a aromatic oil dispenser.

11. A gigantic spanner that weighs several pounds

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Use: Yes it's a spanner... An industrial-sized one that is used on pipelines for example

12. Any ideas what this could be?

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Use: It's an antique hydrometer used to determine the specific gravity of a liquid.

13. Found in an antique shop - a utensil with a strange slit down the middle

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Use: It's a Feuerzangenbowle, which is used to make punch. A sugar cube soaked in rum is placed on it and when heated sugary drops fall into the drink.

14. A metal object found in a quarry


Use: It's a fork or spoon handle

15. When you find this in your grandpa's attic

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Use: An "old school" store fidelity card

16. A little hiding space...

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Use: It's a barn owl nesting box!

17. They found this on a shelf when they moved into a new home

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Use: It's a sound bomb that can reach a volume of 110–115 dB.

18. An weird unearthed metal object

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Use: It's a medal. At the top you can see where the ribbon would have been strung.

19. A very odd rolling pin?

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Use: Yep, a rolling pin, but for cutting ravioli!