9 photos where the background steals the show

When we take a photo, we usually focus on what's going on in the foreground and the background is just a 'frame'. We may look for an eye-catching setting with the right light conditions, but that's as far as it goes.

The results, however, can be somewhat dubious. We open our phone's gallery only to find that what's going on in the background has suddenly become the centre of attention. From hilarious to disturbing, here's a selection of snaps where the main subject is overshadowed by what's going on behind.

1. "I was taking a photo of my girlfriend and when I turned around I saw this."

© homerchick / pikabu  

2. When your sister does this just as you kiss

© DanAykroydFanClub / reddit  

3. Yes, they look like implants...

© Aspi87 / reddit  

4. A super-long arm?

© imgur / unknow author  

5. When entertainment is included in your boat trip

© frommist / pikabu  

6. 2 statues play catch with the moon

© islmit / reddit 

7. Wipeout!

© imgur / unknow author  

8. Yes, that's Wes Anderson in the background

© Tuffer52 / reddit  

9. Envy caught on camera!

© reddit / unknown author