8 predictions from the movie Back to the Future 2 that were right Impressive!

And what if the Back to the Future screenwriter had predicted everything back then?

Back to the Future is an icon when it comes to movie trilogies. And what if the future described in the trilogy finally came true? And what if Doc had predicted everything long before anyone else?

When this top 5 reaches 80 miles per hour, expect to see something mind-blowing!

1. Touch-screen tablets

Do you remember Back to the Future 2? When Marty looks at Doc's touch-screen tablet from the future. Doesn't that remind you of an iPad? While these tablets in the movie are pretty basic, they look a lot like today's tablets.

Maybe Steve Jobs copied Doc, Who knows?

2. 3D movies and sequels

When walking in front of a movie theatre, Marty notices the movie 'Jaws 19'.

3D movies have also multiplied at the theatre, in DVDs, and with 3D TVs.

3. Video calls

Who has never used video chat? MSN Messenger for older folks, or Skype if you're younger. Apparently, people like to see the faces of people they chat with, or something like that. Thanks once again, Doc.

4. Wireless game controllers

At an arcade, Marty learns that it's possible to play video games without wires or using his hands. Fortunately, Marty didn't have to go through the transition from wired controllers to wireless ones. Many TVs and playmates endured it.

5. Green fuel

Green types of energy have been around for a few years yet they aren't used by the public, somewhat like vegetable oil gas that replaces regular gas and gives off a smell of French fries. Once again, Marty and Doc were right.

6. Dehydrated food

Technology has made great advances. At the time of Back to the Future, Doc rehydrated a tiny pizza, making it triple in size, using a sort of 3D printer. Well, printed pizzas too! Download your pizza now!

7. Virtual reality

Do the famous glasses Marty wears at the table remind you of anything? The Occulus Rift drops you into a 360-degree virtual world. The price is still pretty steep, but it offers an incomparable gaming experience. Google Glass works along the same lines. In either case, the future is already here.

8. Biometric devices

Digital fingerprints are used in a lot of security systems. Everything from airports to laptop computers. It's just a little finger for man, but a giant step for security!