40 fascinating behind-the-scenes photos of famous movie stars and film crews

When we settle down to watch a movie, we often forget the cast and crew are just doing a job, which also means that when the camera stops rolling they also need to eat, rest or goof around in between takes! In real life they're far from the fictional characters that they play, even if they do manage to transport us to another realm once we see them on the big screen!

Here are 40 fascinating behind-the-scenes photos of famous movie stars and/or the crew... Which one's your favorite?  Share your comments with us below!

1. This shot has gone down in movie history: Heath Ledger skateboards over Christian Bale during filming of The Dark Knight

2. George Lucas and Amrish Puri take a well-earned break in the shade during the filming of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

3. Just in case you thought Life of Pi didn't have any CGI effects!

4. 'Dead' extras holding their number signs on the set of Spartacus

5. Heath Ledger rehearsing without any special effects on the Dark Knight set

6. The day Kermit and Miss Piggy hung out with Mark Hamill during filming of The Empire Strikes Back!

7. Another The Empire Strikes Back photo, this time with Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)

8. Ian McKellen takes a break on a rainy day during filming of The Lord of the Rings

9. Getting ready for some 'leg action' on the set of Jurassic Park III

10. Kermit and his right hand man, Jim Henson, have a chat on the set of The Muppets

11. It's official - Jack could have crawled onto the floating plank of wood (Titanic)!

12. Talking through a scene on the set of 300

13. Anthony Hopkins was 'trapped' when filming Silence of the Lambs, so the crew had to feed him! We wonder what they did when he needed to go to the toilet!

14. Steven Spielberg giving E.T a bath!

15. And here he is with 'Bruce', the shark in Jaws!

16. Stanley Kubrick caught laughing at Elstree Studios, the set for The Shining, which was destroyed by a fire in the late 70s

17. Awesome photo! The Big Lebowski going through his paces

18. Godzilla destroying the town

19. Bruce Willis and John Travolta share a joke on the Pulp Fiction set

20. Gandalf with his body doubles on the set of The Lord of the Rings


21. Marie-Antoinette checks something on her Mac...

22. A break during the filming of Titanic

23. A very young Warwick Davis played an Ewok in Star Wars: here he is with Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)

24. Heath Ledger heads to work to continue filming The Dark Knight

25. R2D2 enjoying some lunch on the Star Wars set

26. Goofing around during the 'scalping' scene on the set of Kill Bill

27. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were dating while Edward Scissorhands was being filmed and here they are in between takes!

28. We love this shot of Stanley Kubrick and his daughter on The Shining's set, pretending to snap Jack Nicholson but in fact taking a cool selfie!

29. Maggie Smith was battling breast cancer during the Harry Potter shoot, but still found time to catch up with the latest wizarding world news in between takes

30. Having a laugh on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

31. Bill Murray napping on the mini set of Fantastic Mr. Fox

32. Charlton Heston swaps his chariot for a moped on the set of Ben-Hur!

33. Forrest Gump, Scene 1, Take 1... Little did they know that this movie would win 6 Oscars largely thanks to Tom Hanks's awesome performance

34. Frankenstein was actually a really nice guy!

35. A cool photo from the first Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie

36. Checking the models on the set of Back to the Future 3!

37. The set was nothing out of the ordinary, but the special effects in Inception were spectacular

38. When The Avengers goof around!

39. Louise and Lisa Burns were the cheerful twins who had a very creepy role in The Shining

40. When Leonardo DiCaprio took a break on the director's chair while filming Django Unchained...