34 photos that will make perfectionists jump for joy

Most of us like a bit of order in our lives and environment. Absolute perfection may not exist, but that doesn't stop the cathartic feeling a lot of us get when faced with something that's practically perfect in every way.

Here are 34 photos guaranteed to make your perfectionist side do a little jump for joy!

1. To jump in or to not jump in?

© drherpderp12 / Reddit  

2. When frost looks like perfectly engraved glass

© wiinkme / Reddit  

3. The perfect wave

© RapidLeaf / Reddit  

4. When ice forms a mold of your car's logo

© KevlarYarmulke / Reddit  

5. Amazing... We wonder how long this took to build

© Bongnazi / Reddit  

6. A perfectly round pebble found on a beach

© Aura_Void / Reddit  

7. A cactus that looks like a Mandelbrot set

© joeChump / Reddit  

8. When apples form a rainbow of colors

© boatnectar / Reddit  

9. Luxury cars in perfect alignment

© SmootherPebble / Reddit  

10. When the shadow of a building falls on exactly the right spot

© ultramort / Pikabu  

11. The receptacle on a coffee machine that catches drops

12. A dissected pencil.  Simple and beautiful!

© filwtbiieh / Reddit  

13. The underside of a water lily!

© flame951 / Reddit  

14. Drops of water on a car bonnet

© unknown author / Reddit  

15. When a roundabout looks like an eye

16. Teddy bear rainbow!

17. The most organized jigsaw puzzle player in the world!

© rainemaker / Reddit  

18. A parking lot viewed from the sky

© KaHane / Pikabu  

19. Pin heaven!  

20. Take a guess as to how many tomatoes are on this tray

© gately1 / Reddit  

20. When overnight snow creates a perfect scene

© gangbangkang / Reddit  

22. How to perfectly cut an avocado in half

© T4rte / Imgur  

23. Looks delicious, but it's almost a shame to cut out a slice

© fredbutt / Reddit  

24. How many times have you opened a yoghurt without half of it stuck to the lid?

© abigailmitchell / Reddit  

25. Tulip fields in Holland

26. When a plumber also has OCD

© driftingfornow / Reddit  

27. This is mesmerizing!

© reborngorilla / Reddit  

28. When your bracelet perfectly aligns with the print on your T-shirt

© HispanicSk8er / Reddit  

29. A beautiful blend of balconies

30. Perfectly folded and color-coded

31. Which of these tantalizingly perfect strawberries would you eat first?

© lwatt/ reddit  

32. When you remove the ice from a parking meter without it breaking into pieces

© Crispy-Snax/ reddit  

33. The perfect bun

© ocadhla/ imgur  

34. Why can't we manage to sharpen pencils like this?

© Scuttlebutt91/ reddit