34 fascinating and rare photos of modern historical events

A picture is worth a thousand words and these images certainly convey their message better than any description!

These may be rare photos, but they document events that rocked the modern world and had a profound effect on anyone who was alive at the time: photographers who snapped both famous and anonymous people telling history exactly like it was in order to give the rest of us a fascinating and important insight into our past.

1. 'The Troubles'... Irish kids provoke British troops in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1972

© anitachance  

2. A Native American Indian telephone operator in Montana in 1925

© Scaulbylausis  

3. Military life during the First World War... Dinner in the trenches in 1915

© alexsc23  

4. 1966, the year when Muhammad Ali knocked out Cleveland Williams during the 3rd round

© TheBearthatStares  

5. A Nazi rally at the infamous 'Cathedral of Light' in 1937

© ImagesOfNetwork  

6. Kurt Cobain goofing around with Ronald McDonald in Singapore in 1992

© earthmoonsun  

7. Two historical moments in one 1944 photo: American B-25's fly over Italy as Mount Vesuvius erupts!

© Roguecop  

8. A terrifying yet beautiful photo taken in 1917 towards the end of the First World War

© dasbeck  

9. A re-colored photo of Union soldiers in 1862

© DLMA23  

10. A 1985 image published in Ebony magazine predicting what Michael Jackson would look like in the year 2000

© zdamaneta  

11. Young people in Leningrad prepare for war in 1937

© Viktor Bulla  

12.  JFK's funeral at the Capitol Building in 1963

© Snarblox  

13. 1970 and the first interracial marriage in Mississippi

© erogurooo  

14. An anti-racism protest in Greensboro, Northern Carolina in 1960

© TheBearthatStares  

15. In 1943, Roza Georgiyevna Shanina was considered to be one of the Russian army's best snipers

© TheBearthatStares  

16. December 5th 1933 marked the end of Prohibition!

© dwna  

17. A 1941 re-colored photo of Ruth Lee, a waitress who would walk around Miami with a Chinese flag so that people didn't assume she was Japanese

© Snarblox  

18. 1937... A huge crowd packs Madison Square Garden (New York) for an anti-Nazi rally

© anitachance  

19. Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, enjoys a cigar in 1969

© Abradolf_2020  

20. A re-colored World War 2 photo of a soldier eating turkey during Thanksgiving

© ColourbyRJM  

21. A re-colored photo of Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin on the set of City Lights in 1929

© jecinci  

22. People celebrate V-E day in Times Square in May 1945

© ThaloGreen  

23. An 1895 re-colored photo of the Jewish neighborhood's market in Upper Eastside, New York

© mentalaustrian  

24. Hiroshima, before and after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945

© Onion_Do_Piaza  

25. 1918 and the day a German submarine ran aground on the southern coast of England just after the First World War ended

© hardypart  

26. Newlyweds in Warsaw, Poland

© TheShowaDaily  

27. The oldest aerial photo in existence: Boston in 1860

© dasbeck  

28. A young girl tries to cut a ray of sunshine in 1886

© Adam Diston  

29. A Chicago mother hides her face and cries after she's obliged to put her children up for sale...

© amlashi/reddit  

30. Sarajevo in 1941: a Muslim woman protects her Jewish neighbor by covering her Star of David

© LevantineLion  

31. The 3rd Reich commemorates its veterans in 1939

© ThatsJustYourOpinionMan  

32. An Australian orphan receives a new pair of shoes in 1946

© jaapgrolleman/reddit  

33. A hotel owner pours acid over two black women swimming in a whites-only pool in California in 1964

© Project_Ni/Reddit  

34. In 1960, Anne Frank's father visited the attic where he and his family hid from the Nazis