32 awesome perfectly-timed photos

Professional photographers are used to setting up shots and getting a perfectly timed photo. But for those of us who don't have the skill, patience or correct shutter speed, it tends to be a matter of luck... That said, you'd be amazed at the number of snaps that people have accidentally taken by inadvertently pressing the shutter at exactly the right time!

Here are 32 awesome, perfectly-timed photos taken by amateurs and without a retouch in sight!

1. A flying dog that only has a head and a tail

© infinite_burrito/reddit  

2. When a stork decides to deliver a baby!

© me_007/reddit  

3. A hungry baby bird being fed by its mom!

© GallowBoob/reddit  

4. The exact moment a bubble bursts

© tkmj75/reddit  

5. When a sports teacher sets the timer and has to race back for the shot

© LovelySweet1789/reddit  

6. When a black and brown bear meet in the forest

© VivanTLopez/reddit  

7. The rare time an amateur gets the perfect nature shot - the whale, the landscape, the calm sea... Magic!

© GeorgeTheExplorer/reddit  

8. Don't panic, the truck's sure it's not a problem

© poedamneron25/reddit  

9. Someone's not at all happy!

© ImmunosuppressivePip/reddit  

10. K-9's enjoying a well-earned treat!

© sw0le_patr0l/reddit  

11. When a gorilla wants to check out your selfies

© sapperdanman/reddit  

12. A humpback whale showing off its flying skills

© firstpageguy/reddit  

13. Hell hath no fury like a protective mom...This is what happens when you try to approach a baby elephant

© kiproping/reddit  

14. Cats, don't you just love 'em!

© Octopus72/reddit  

15. A leaping frog caught taking off!

© DoSomthing/reddit  

16. Just a deer-cat having a rest

© iklegemma/reddit  

17. You never know what you'll bump into on the slopes!

© nicksta18/imgur  

18. The day Homer first saw Marge

© VladislavMiloslav/reddit  

19. When a bird stops by for a chat

© howdeedodee/reddit  

20. The split second when a bolt of lightning struck a tree

© Reddit-or-forget-it/reddit  

21. Seagulls are known to be clever thieves!

© jammasterdj/reddit  

22. A stunning squirrel photographed in Achankovil in Kerala, India

© Panda_911/reddit  

23. When your little boy morphs into a pigeon

© me_007/reddit  

24. An eclipse photographed through the wings of a bird!

© Andthenabird/reddit  

25. A canine wipeout!

© JavaReallySucks/reddit  

26. The day you were so deep in thought that you didn't notice a rampaging Godzilla...

© Dial7ToUndial/imgur  

27. Peek-a-boo!

© sms103/reddit  

28. A very supple, jumping dog!

© Quarafee/reddit  

29. Duck, it's about to land!

© unknown  

30. When your cat shakes its head just as you press the shutter!

© Rad_Raptor64/reddit  

31. This is what happens if you throw a glass of water into the air on a sub-zero day!

© LittleDank/reddit  

32. We bet you've never seen a levitating boat!

© PIRATEMALE/imgur  

Without any disrespect towards the amazing professional photographers out there, this selection goes to show that sometimes it's all about luck. Being at the right place at the right time... Reason enough to always keep your smartphone close to hand!