31 totally ludicrous design fails and marketing flops

Any invention or marketing campaign requires creative thinking, but sometimes the team behind a product tries too hard, often with dire consequences. Competition is so hot that companies are constantly striving to outdo their rivals, but that doesn't mean they'll always get it right.

Here are 31 ludicrous if not downright dangerous fails that will leave you wondering exactly what the marketing or design team were trying to achieve.... Maybe they're deliberately trying to shock us in the hope that 'bad publicity is better than no publicity'?

1. An integrated bottle opener in a car - weird considering drinking whilst driving is forbidden in most countries

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2. "I needed some red glue... Guess which tube I picked up first!"

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3. 'Un-breakable wine glasses' so you can drink alcohol with your kid!

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4. A highly dangerous two-in-one tool!

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5. A completely useless idea... Who plugs in their computer like this?

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6. We wonder how long it would take to find this golf ball!

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7. An unsolvable maze!

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8. A black flask that makes it impossible to measure its contents

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9. An Apple fail... once the mouse's battery has run out, you can't use it and you can't use it whilst it's charging!

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10. Train your cat to use the toilet

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11. A 'No Smoking' ashtray...

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12. Who would wear a pregnancy T-shirt that bears a photo of another pregnant woman wearing a similar design?

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13. When city planners don't care about reduced mobility access

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14. It's 100% movie-accurate!

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15. When you need really strong arms to measure your kid!

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16. Seriously?

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17. Because the main use for camping lights is to enable you to check your emails

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18. Once again reduced mobility access is clearly not a priority

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19. A car boot that's curved meaning rain ends up stagnating

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20. Oops, production line fail!

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21. Be warned - at a first glance you may think this is cereal!

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22. A slide that's more of an accident waiting to happen!

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23. So what the hell are we supposed to do?

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24. A table that has a relief pattern to make sure things fall over!

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25. How dare you even think of being happy!

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26. Have you never seen sweatshirt shorts?

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27. When packaging features totally irrelevant photos!

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28. Yep, that's going to keep people out!

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29. Mmm, tasty!

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30. Check your tire pressure with a gun!

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31. Words fail us...

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