31 photos that would drive a perfectionist crazy

Order is calming, whether it's a tidy room, a perfectly laid carpet, a mouth-watering dish, a symmetrical design... Okay so perfection may not exist, but just so long as we keep chaos at bay, we can usually get through our day without gritting our teeth or pulling out our hair!

So if you tend to be a perfectionist or suffer from OCD, then you may want to look away! Here are 31 photos that could drive you crazy!  If you manage to reach the end, tell us which one annoyed you the most - feel free to share this selection with any other 'perfectionist pals' or add your own photos and comments below!

1. Seriously?! How many blades do they plan to use?


2. Words fail us... Is this for a marriage?

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3. Don't try this unless you're a contortionist

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4. A sure-fire way to avoid sharing your gum

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5. Aaah... Even the few hexagons that were printed aren't correctly positioned

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6. Good luck with that!

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7. Someone please sort this out!

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8. When a trippy carpet becomes an irritatingly trippy carpet!

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9. You love your new robot vacuum cleaner, but then you get home to see this...

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10. Almost perfect presentation

11. When one broken leaf spoils a perfect sapling

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12. Was it really necessary to mix up the numbers?

13. If the books drove you mad, then what about this?

14. When your headache pills make your headache worse!

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15. Tesco needs to keep on top of its packaging production line

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16. When you realize you're missing the last piece...

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17. We wouldn't be able to stop ourselves from re-organizing the colors (and making sure all the bottles are straight!)

18. Just a simple turn to the right...

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19. They just had to do this, didn't they?!

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20. When your electrician or tiler only had one job...

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21. Why? Was this really so hard for a professional builder?

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22. When there's one left and they put it wherever they like!

23. When the guy who cut your pizza had too many sneaky beers during their shift

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24. How to ruin a beautifully-tiled corridor

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25. Would it be really too difficult to get a municipal worker to unscrew these and put them back properly?

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26. Why oh why did Season Three have to be different?

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27. When one diamond makes all the difference...

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28. It started well, but quickly went downhill

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29. When a building has floors all over the place...

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30. Just a few centimeters more and the doorway would have been in the exact center

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31. We've saved the worst for last (sorry!)...

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