30 situations that define the word 'misery'

According to Leonard Levinson, “A pessimist only sees the dark side of the clouds and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all — he’s walking on them.” So, which one are you?

The following people all had their pessimist vs optimist side tested, but lived to tell the tale... How would you react in these situations?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

1. Plus it was a new toothbrush!

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2. We doubt their insurers will pay for a replacement...

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3. Oh the irony!

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4. "I wanted an open office space..."

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5.  Someone forgot to close their window...

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6. When your car door refuses to open

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7. Enjoy your sandwich!

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8. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time

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9. When a fire truck catches fire!

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10. Never leave pots of paint in a hot car!

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11. At least the cell phone's intact!

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12. Lumberjack fail!

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13. "I just bought these!'

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14. Time to buy a new pair

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15. When you think a potato's an apple

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16. The reason why irons should never be left face down!

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17. A great start to the week!

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18. Stress relief!

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19. When the office restroom runs out of toilet paper

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20. At least this delivery was on time!

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21. Banana splits!

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22. The perils of attaching bikes to street lights!

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23. Would you still eat this?

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24. Florence in 2016...

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25. When you suddenly notice why the smell of poop has been following you around

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26. Working by candlelight...

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27. And working outdoors!

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28. Eyelash curlers can be dangerous!

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29. "My roommate's just learned a life lesson..."

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30. When a glass is stronger than a toilet bowl

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