30 simple things that make life more beautiful

Sometimes we go through rough patches in life. Even though this is normal, it’s important not to sink into the negative. Although it may be difficult to get out of certain situations, know that sooner or later, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel!

In the meantime, to help you have a better day, here’s a list of 30 simple (but necessary) things to do in your lifetime. How many of these have you done in yours?

1. Have a faithful best friend who is there with you even through the bad times.

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2. Experience true love.

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3. Learn to share.

4. Pass on knowledge to the next generation.

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5. Take the time to show affection.

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6. Make yourself useful as much as you can.

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This 83-year old man makes his income by mowing people's lawns. His 20-year-old pickup truck broke down, and he couldn’t work because it was too much work to push his mower from one house to the next. So, his customers took action and launched a GoFundMe page, and managed to raise around $13,000. This was enough to buy him a new truck, with enough left over for insurance, as well as a new lawn mower!

7. Seize the opportunity to have a good time.

Like this guy, who went swimming with his goat...

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8. Make homemade dishes and treats.

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9. Have unlikely encounters.

This deer entered a shop in Colorado. The owner gave him some chocolate and cookies. The animal left and returned a few minutes later with some friends!

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10. Think outside the box.

Everyone is different, and that's exactly why it’s important to live your own life, following your desires and not just going along with the crowd.

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11. Spread love and joy.

12. Create unforgettable memories.

Life is short... Leave memories for your children or grandchildren, like this grandfather did. He took photos of the stuffed animal that his grandson had forgotten at his house after he had spent his vacation there.

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13. Never give up on friends and family.

Like this dog who never lets go of his master’s hand.

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14. Get enough sleep to keep yourself in shape.

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15. Know how to take time for yourself by having a nice bath, working out, etc.

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16. Adopt a cat.

17. Capture happy moments in pictures.

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18. Always be grateful and put yourself other people’s shoes.

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19. Learn to see what few other people see.

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20. Travel to open your mind and have unique experiences.

21. Always be a little bit crazy!

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22. Anticipate what may come!

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23. Change jobs if yours isn’t for you.

This dog was a guide dog, but he was too friendly. So now he’s an emotional support dog for kids, and he loves his new job.

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24. Go and look at the sea.

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25. Be yourself!

This dog is a therapy dog at a hospital. He visits sick patients to give them a little joy every Christmas.

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26. Help the less fortunate, and you’ll also be helping yourself.

27. Bring comfort to those who need it.

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28. Don’t give in to stereotypes: people aren’t necessarily the way others describe them, but as you see them!

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29. Know how to take well-deserved breaks.

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30. Always stay young at heart!

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So…how many of these things have you done?