30 residents who decided to spice up their neighborhood

Neighborly relations are a bit like Russian roulette - you never know who's going to land next door! If you're lucky, they'll be nice, easy going people, if not you may want to immediately pack your bags... We've put together a selection of 30 residents who decided to liven up their neighborhood, whether for better or for worse...

So what you think?  Neighbors from Hell or worthy of a medal?

1. "I adopted the local stray cat.  As it turned out, she fell pregnant by the neighbor's cat.  This morning I found a bag of kibble at my door".


2. This little guy's called Carter. He often knocks on his neighbor's door and asks for bananas before simply walking off back home.

3. Winter wonderland!  The night the neighbors forgot to turn their sprinklers off.

4. Above: my apartment (2 men). Below: our neighbors (2 women) 

5. A couple came home to find this on their front door... *blush* 


6. When the police and fire stations are in neighboring buildings...

7. When your neighbor has serious discussions with watermelons at 3am!

8. Hilarious response to people who throw cigarette butts on the ground


9. This guy had a really noisy turbine.  One day it went silent, so he climbed on to the roof to find that his neighbor had taken things into his own hands.

10. Subtle (unless you like browsing Google Maps)

11. Listening to your neighbors' complaints is an important part of community living


12. Neighbors who take their parrots for walks

13. This lady repaired her trash can with tape.  Her 92 year-old neighbor thought she was putting her house number on it, so decided to do the same.

14. "I'd had a really bad day… And then I looked over to my neighbor's garden." 

15. This guy likes snowball fights so much, he freezes snow so that he can bombard his neighbor during summer.

16. "Look at what my friend spotted in my neighbor's garden!" 

17. "My neighbors warned me they'd be shooting a movie at their house... But I never expected this!"


18. Neighbors who use a microwave as their mailbox - great recycling initiative!

19. Some students found this on their door - 10 out of 10 for their hilarious reply


20. A woman sent her sister a shot of the neighbor's gutter. Cuteness overload!

21. This person tried to explain to his 92 year-old neighbor that he should put up a scarecrow.  This is what he saw the next morning!

22. This household put a creepy doll in their window to scare the neighbors

23. Apparently they decorate this penis, sorry palm, every year... 

24. When neighbors send messages via their Wi-Fi connection...


25. This person's neighbors went on vacation, but left notes for their cleaner


26. This guy loves his tractor so much, he customized it so that the neighborhood kids could find Poke Stops and catch Pokémons!

27. This dog is so cool!

28. This guy's clearly fed up of kids playing soccer below his window

29. Imagine seeing this on your neighbor's front door!

30. "My neighbors are really weird!"