30 disturbing photos that prove how weird food can get!

Money may (to a certain extent) buy happiness, but most of us will agree that the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, particularly if we're about to dive into a plate of our favorite food! However foods can suddenly become less appetizing if they're not presented in an appealing way or if they've mutated into something from an alien movie... 

Here are 30 food-related photos that range from queasy to just plain weird! Have any of these happened to you?

1. A baby mandarin inside a full-sized one

2. When the vending machine rebels!

3. Completely seedless watermelon 

4. And a stone-free avocado!

5. Someone hit the jackpot!

6. A really weird, but juicy-looking strawberry

7. When your red pepper has their green relative to stay

8. Imagine the chance of having so many double-yokers!

9. This Kinder Egg has really big surprise

10. We're really not sure how this got past the Skittles quality control check!

11. A lemon that's hooked on steroids!

12. Giant blueberries!

13. When peanuts look like peas in a pod

14. A huge double-yolker!

15. A musical curly fry! Almost a shame to eat it!

16. When luck's on your side! 

17. This kiwi looks like an alien species

18. When 7 grapes huddle together 

19. Banana twins!

20. When it's closing time and the diner lets you have the leftovers!

21. When a curly fry spirals out of control

22. A marshmallow snake

23. When the factory's food cutter messes up

24. When they slip a 25th beer into your order

25. When one strawberry makes a dessert for 2!

26. More of a tree than a kid!

27. Ever seen such a long blackberry?

28. That should keep them going for a while...

29. Yes, triple-yokers exist!

30. When your bag of chips is actually just one chip!