30 photos that prove cats can sleep in the weirdest of places

Trust us, when a cat's tired, he'll sleep wherever he likes!

Tiny spaces, bowls, pots, pans, sinks... You may have bought them a luxury cat cushion,  but if one thing's for sure, your feline friend will always find the strangest place for a cat nap. As the saying goes 'if it fits, I sits!'

It may seem more than crazy to us, but there's science behind a cat's sleeping logic.  By curling up in confined spaces, they're instinctively protecting themselves from predators and can therefore doze off without feeling threatened.  Plus it allows them to maintain their body temperature - again a natural feline instinct that stems from their pre-domesticated ancestry.

Here are 30 funny photos of cats doing what they do best - trying to catch 40 winks! 

1. What do you mean it's too small?

2. Because 2 is better than 1

3. Well, he did invite me for a sleepover

4. Rare Whale Cat spotted!

5. Yep, big cats like boxes too!

6. It's a vertical bed, but a bed nonetheless

7. I can see you!

8. It took a while, but he got there in the end

9. Darn, they found me!

10. Just a lion in a wheelbarrow

11. No salad for you tonight!

12. That's one relaxed kitten...

13. Hope it's not too smelly!

14. Now you see me, now you don't...

15. Just warming my paws for a few minutes

16. There's nothing better than a goldfish bowl

17. Bet you didn't believe I could do it... Now I just need to get out

18. Ooh look, a comfy cushion!

19. Because only the finest cut crystal will do

20. I grew up in this basket and I have no intention of moving out!

21. Don't even think about cooking me!

22. Custom-made cat nest, complete with delicately serrated edging

23. Made to measure tree trunk

24. Judging by the look on his face, this is the comfiest salad bowl ever

25. A genuine cat tree!

26. I'm beginning to wonder if I made a mistake...

27. Kill two birds with one stone: eat where you sleep!

28. Help!

29. Cuteness taken to a whole new level

30. Cat logic explained in photos