30 epic rollercoaster photos!

Here at Happy Facts we love rollercoasters! What started as a way for amusement parks to earn a bit more cash has turned into epic rides and equally epic photo opportunities! Whether you go with friends or family, some people have become ‘pros’ at pre-planning their poses and wait with baited breath at the exit to see if they’ve nailed an awesome rollercoaster photo!

Whether it's your dad looking terrified or your kid brother about to barf, you have to admit that rollercoaster snaps are worthy of a place in any family album and if you need an incentive, check out this selection of 30 photos! What about you?  Do you have any hilarious rollercoaster photos that you'd like to share?  Just upload your photos in the comments section - and don't forget to tag your friends and family!

1. At least there's no snow on this 'Everest'


2. These guys have figured out exactly where the camera is positioned!


3. Someone is not amused...


4. The scariest moment of his life...


5. One very grumpy clown...

Hamish Hamilton

6. The perfect moment for a quick spruce up


7. The guy in front lost his keys and the guy behind managed to catch them!


8. When the ghost train didn't scare you, but the guy behind did!


9. Before and during shots of one little guy... This is going to haunt his mom forever!


10. When your son regrets having nagged you to take him on a ride...

11. Hakuna matata... This guy always chooses a theme before he goes on a rollercoaster


12. A cool way to come out during a vacation at Disneyland


13. Why oh why did I let my friends persuade me?

14. When facial expressions are as scary as the ride!

15. Bet she regrets asking to sit at the front!

16. How to get troll hair and have fun at the same time!

17. When you have more fun that your son

18. Before, during and after!


19. When Dollywood turns your kid into a raging monster

20. When The Rock leads the way on Disney's Splash Mountain


21. Awesome!  They even managed to build some houses and hotels!

22. Splash Mountain seems to be a popular choice!


23. Rollercoaster creativity knows no bounds!

24. Your first rollercoaster ride!


25. Each to his own...

26. A close shave, with plenty of water to rinse the cut-throat razor!


27. When the 'bride to be' is too scared to notice what's going on behind!


28. These kids!

29. This guy's face!

30. When your zen factor outweighs any fear