29 satisfying photos of perfection

Some people get satisfaction from seeing things keep in precise, meticulous order. And for some people it’s an obsession. Straightening up is more than just a chore, it’s a passion. A passion that gets annoyed if it isn’t satisfied.

People can be irritated by the slightest imperfection. So the photos below are made to help put your mind at ease when you see the perfection.

1. The perfect way the snow fell on this bench…

© FlyGuyRN / imgur  

2. From white grapes to nearly black grapes…

3. Is there a more perfect bowl of rice?

© chitaroni / reddit  

4. These are all perfectly colored toothpick cubes.

5. What do you see on the table? A pillow or ravioli? It’s snow!

© HellsJuggernaut / reddit  

6. When you come back from the beach and sort your shells…

7. These eggs were chosen to form a color gradient…

© Federation12 / reddit  

8. When ice freezes on your fence…

© Camronismyname / reddit  

9. Van Gogh would be so proud!

10. Even if everything seems to hold, you’ll never see me in that tunnel.

© unknown / imgur  

11. Now you’ll have to buy the entire stack of shirts.

© obhione / imgur  

12. When you like things perfect, even when sharpening your pencil…

© BurritoWarrior / imgur  

13. Fade away and burn out!

14. Is this wall magical?

© NotBasque / reddit  

15. These two fields have a perfect line of separation.

© Threzhh / reddit  

16. When the timing is perfect!

© TheShadowDemon247 / reddit  

17. The life cycle of a leaf in a single photo

© K1nsey6 / reddit  

18. From far away, you can’t distinguish the hangers…

© unknown / imgur  

19. Some perfectly arranged cables!

© adamgardner / reddit  

20. We wouldn’t even dare to touch it…

© OrcusBubbasaur / reddit  

21. What a cool idea to do with coffee! Now which one to drink?

22. This is what we call a carrot bouquet!

© LeukosSc2 / reddit  

23. You can see a beautiful landscape here!

© hive_earth / Instagram  

24. Perfect, all that’s left to do is to eat them!

25. Gotta catch them all, they said! Done!

© butterbeancd / reddit  

26. One face to the North, and the other to the South!

© leapea123 / reddit  

27. When you’re very organized...

© unknown / imgur  

28. Hats off to the architect for this idea!

© Subterfug3 / reddit 

29. Every stone has its place!

© CRAterre.org