29 photos that prove you don't need Photoshop to take the perfect shot

The advent of cell phones with cameras combined with our Instagram-happy world has turned many an amateur snapper into a talented photographer, but 9 times out of 10 we resort to Photoshop to retouch our shots to perfection. That said, whether we're a pro or not, good old fashioned patience combined with a creative flair means we can all strive to take the perfect Photoshop-free photo.

By way of proof, here are 29 jaw-dropping professional and amateur photographs that haven't been retouched.

1. It took the right setting, great surf and several tries in order to get the perfect Lotus Pose!

© OMGFacts  

2. These crayfish are just crawling around a metal bucket and not giant aliens about to invade the Earth

© zhangzishi  

3. Chile's Puyehue Cordón Caulle volcano mid-eruption!

© Rival Gustavo  

4. This photo was taken during a Royal Navy celebration in the UK

© Dave Jankins  

5. Calmly floating down a swampy river, surrounded by a misty landscape 

© Roman   © Mokrov  

6. No retouch here, just the art of using a long exposure

© alastar  

7. Underneath a wave in Hawaii, USA

© Ray Collins  

8. This statue of Jesus Christ is 8 1/2 foot tall and stands majestically amongst the coral reefs off Key Largo in Florida, USA

© Shutterstock  

9. When the residents of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, woke up to find their city under water

© Ales Komovec / Solent / Legion-Media  

10. The exact moment when a bubble bursts

© Richard Heeks  

11. No, it's not an explosion or eruption - just a gorgeous mountain sunset! 

© Corey Arnold  

12. When a birch leaf in a frozen puddle turns into a work of art

© ©   © Ivan   © Dementievskiy  

13. Vietnamese fishnet makers hard at work! We also love the vintage sewing machine!

© Pham Ty  

14. Mount Bromo, an active Indonesian volcano, often spews smoke into the air

© Guillaume Buret  

15. Winter is coming in Colorado, USA

© Jeff Howe  

16. The awesome Northern Lights in Norway - one for the bucket list!

© Max Rive  

17. When a tennis ball succumbs to the laws of gravity

© (?) Abhijeet Kumar  

18. Ants in Malaysia gather round a 'puddle' of honey 

© Husni Che Ngah  

19. The Chiang Mai Lantern Festival in Thailand

© Sherry Zhao  

20. Approaching the Milky Way

© ©   © Anton Yankovoy  

21. Fireflies dancing around a bridge on River Shimanto in Japan

© (?) Takehito Miyatake  

22. A huge fever of manta rays gliding through the ocean's depths

© (?) Eduardo Lopez Negrete  

23. Mount Fuji's shadow... A mind-blowing 15 miles long!

© (?) Kris Boorman  

24. Sunrise in Bushy Park in London, UK

© (?) Max Ellis  

25.  Meditating with a manta ray

 Taro Smith  

26. Where the desert meets the sea in southern Africa 

© Roberto Sysa Moiola  

27. An Airbus A380 doing a vertical take-off

© ParisAirShow  

28. The exact moment you pop a water-filled balloon over a child's head!

© imgur  

29. The Little House on the Prairie...

Photo credit: imgur