29 funny winter photos that show how harsh the weather can get

You're either a winter person or not... Some people can't wait to get their skis out or enjoy crisp winter walks, whilst others spend colder months wrapped up in blankets glued to the radiator.  The problem is we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us when the mercury starts to drop and those winter nights roll in... Will we wake up to a winter wonderland? We will find our car buried under snow or that public transport systems have ground to a halt?

Here are 30 amusing photos that anyone who lives in a cold climate will understand!

1. Thick snow means it time to go sledding!

© theyork2000/reddit.com  

2. So you thought this just happened in Bambi?

© joebediah/reddit.com  

3. Why cancel the game because of a few snowflakes?

© TooShiftyForYou/reddit.com  

4. Cold winter nights are perfect for bringing out your inner prankster!

© m3lodym4ker/imgur.com  

5. When winter gives you a makeover

© ZeroPoint1/imgur  

6. Forget the bus, just put on your ice skates!

© Semapi/pikabu.ru  

7. An awesome snow meets sunlight phenomenon!

© Proteon/reddit.com  

8. When your cat discovers snow for the first time

© dax268/reddit.com  

9. "Nope, I'm going straight back indoors," said the cat...

© DrWhoodles/imgur.com  

10. "What the hell happened? There's white stuff everywhere!"

© Shtark/pikabu.ru  

11.Who said dogs don't enjoy sledding?

© thechive.com  

12. A positive side of winter... You can spill your coffee and be able to scoop it back up!

© PinicchioDelTaco/reddit.com  

13. An easy winter catch!

© sulimko/pikabu.ru  

14. When the public restrooms need defrosting before you can use them!

© Agnieszk?/kontakt24.tvn24.pl  

15. That's one cold journey to work!

© Andronikls/pikabu.ru  

16. It's so cold that even wild animals want to come indoors!

© Zilas/reddit.com  

17. When you insist on taking your baby for a walk!

© drive2.ru  

18. Just in case they get stranded on the way to school and need to build a shelter

© Iruga51/pikabu.ru  

19. When you get home from work and find this...

© imka/pikabu.ru  

20. Note to self: remember to close all the windows!

© awscrewitall.tumblr.com  

21. A great way to find your car in the morning

© Pasha9/pikabu.ru  

22. You know winter's here when you have to dig out your car each morning

© unknown author/imgur.com  

23. When snow, wind and the cold add extra cover to a porch!

© unknown author/imgur.com  

24. "It doesn't taste that good..."

© unknown author/imgur.comn  

25. When it even gets too cold for the thermometer

© Zemlekop/pikabu.ru  

26. When your beard can no longer keep your face nice and warm

27. When you want to go out to play despite the artic conditions!

© doxcyn/pikabu.ru  

28. Winter... It's dark when you leave for work and dark when you head back home

© jidruom/imgur.com  

29. This is one car that's definitely stuck for the day!

What about you?  Any wintery snaps or shivery tales that you'd like to share?  Leave your comments below!