29 fascinating photos that prove that perfection does exist!

We live in chaotic times in an ever-changing world where perfection and order seem hard to find.  And strangely enough, just seeing order around us can be incredibly calming!  So to you help you get back your Zen, here are 29 photos where perfection rules the day!

1. When a man and his double bass blend into one

© skatermario3/reddit  

2. A bridge in New Zealand that perfectly divides up the landscape

© Bongnazi/reddit  

3. A beautifully arranged, rainbow of products

© unknown author/imgur  

4. Like peas in a pod...

© unknown author/imgur  

5. This person certainly doesn't need hand-writing lessons!

© earthmoonsun/reddit  

6. When you add your artistic talents to your biology homework

© getstudyblr/tumblr  

7. Exactly in the center of her back

© EmperorZhang/reddit  

8. When body art and clothing match

© justbyhappenstance/reddit  

9. The snuggest of fits

© unknown author/imgur  

10. When your ravioli fit perfectly into your pan

© theresaemiles/reddit  

11. Wow! 

© SalazarRED/reddit  

12. A perfectionist's Instagram page

© Jon-Osterman/reddit  

13. So simple, yet so soothing to look at!

© unknown author/imgur  

14. When you build your house around your TV

© backinthehighlife_/reddit  

15. When boxes perfectly fit into a drawer

© nasty-otter/reddit  

16. The most enticing scoop of ice cream ever

© Elyuri/reddit  

17. When a cat curls up into the perfect ball

© llb7898/reddit  

18. "My dad has OCD!"

© z90popyz/reddit  

19. The day you discover that your wife's umbrella case is the ideal beer can carrier!

© cav_/reddit  

20. Symmetrical architecture in Hong Kong

© Tucko29/reddit  

21. Have you ever seen a perfectly peeled pomegranate?

© unknown author/imgur  

22. Even the midday sun has a perfectionist side

© SyKoNinjaX/reddit  

23. Blacker than black

© ecky--ptang-zooboing/reddit  

24. Imagine the odds of this happening!

© verifiedbyme/reddit  

25. Cocktail stick art!

© unknown author/imgur  

26. An edible rainbow of colors

© nootnoot_pingu_noot/reddit  

27. It seems a shame to scoop any out!

© ArizonaWatermelon/reddit  

28. When your cap makes the perfect puppy bed

© chx_/reddit  

29. And he managed to hit the snow in exactly the right spot!

© forgifs