29 authentic photos where reality is more powerful than any Photoshop

Nature creates our world with all her beauty and passion. And only an expert eye can manage to capture all the variations and details in all their grandeur.

Here are 29 original photos that are more striking than any Photoshop editing.

1. “This looks like a fireball, but it's actually a cloud I saw in Morocco.” 

© Darshitreddit / reddit  

2. These amazing autumn colors are in the Portland Japanese Garden.

© kdsphotography / reddit  

3. The windows are decorated and the cat lying in front of one looks like it has multi-colored polka dots on its fur!

© drewsoulman / reddit  

4. “I was walking in the woods when lightning struck a tree near me. Before the firemen got there, I was able to take a few shots.” 

© EliasButlerPhotos / reddit  

5. The sea foam looks like a blanket.

© Ger Kelliher Photography / facebook  

6. This is what a tree looks like that is burning from the inside. The purple color is totally real! 

© Grown_Man_Poops / imgur  

7. The mountain on the other side of the lake looks like the house’s roof.

8. “I managed to capture this amazing photo of two rainbows after a monsoon in the Grand Canyon.”

© zacharyem / reddit  

9. This is a quiet town in Iceland.

© dittidot / reddit  

10. This is the moon rising over the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. This photo is absolutely authentic!

© TheLostCrusader / reddit  

11. “My 4-year-old nephew loves dinosaurs and volcanoes. So I made him a pretty cool picture in Hawaii.”

© jackfusco / reddit  

12. This eagle is admiring his own reflection on the ice! 

© SirLanceAShot / reddit  

13. “Do you think there’s some Photoshop going on here? Not at all! This is just the view from my sleeping bag in the back of my tent early in the morning!” 

© Ingelo8Jean / reddit  

14. When it’s foggy in San Francisco, the Sutro Tower becomes a mysterious pirate ship! 

© ForeverAReposter / imgur  

15. Some people pretend to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and for others, it’s rainbows! 

16. “This is a purely authentic photo taken by my friend.” 

© nimo4749 / reddit  

17. A 2-dimensional skyscraper in New York!

© pinheadcamera / reddit  

18. Here's what you can see from the International Space Station when there’s a thunderstorm on Earth.

© Dakinzo / reddit  

19. It looks like the dog is trapped in the bubble!

© jhartman207 / reddit  

20. Remarkable! This photo’s success is simply due to the angle used to take it!

© linkjon / reddit  

21. The light ray is passing through the bay window, creating a rainbow on the table through the back of the chair.

© nikolalol / reddit  

22. The rays of the setting sun under a car give the impression that this dog is on fire!

© Itmeerl / imgur  

23. “I decided to go on a 6-mile night hike in Grand Teton National Park, and I came upon Solitude Lake...and what I saw was surreal!” 

© aryeh95 / reddit  

24. "Yes, I took this unbelievable picture!” 

© blaaaaake / reddit  

25. The reflection of the little cookies on the mixing bowl looks like one big cookie with huge chocolate chips! 

© robije / reddit  

26. The Milky Way, a racetrack, and the Death Valley National Park: that’s all you need to get such an awesome shot... 

© BrentGoesOutside / reddit  

27. 1 photo, 2 planes

© airman980 / reddit  

28. It really looks like this woman is a giant, leaning against a mountain!

© Ahowardusf / reddit  

29. If you think this photo was taken from space, you’re wrong... It’s the town of Saratov, Russia, during sunset! 

© www.pikabu.ru  

If you have any incredible photos, share them with us in the comments!

Photo credit: Itmeerl / imgur