28 useful objects redone by designers to make your daily life easier

Designers don’t just make everyday objects look better, sometimes they also make them more practical. We’ve found 28 objects that have been redone by designers that will surprise you.

It's beautiful, simple, and useful, but it’s about time someone thought of it...

1. An elegant and retractable socket cover

© CaptainPawfulFox / imgur  

2. A Rubik's Cube for the blind: finally someone thought of it

© Notafakeinterpreter / reddit  

3. A compact keychain that fits in your pocket

© KeySmart / facebook  

4. A jacket that shows where the biker is going to turn or brake

© joat217 / imgur  

5. Smart socks that count your steps and warn you if you get injured

© SensoriaFitness / facebook  

6. A nice cube that doubles as a network splitter

© kickstartsavingdotcom / imgur  

7. A key ring that serves as a weapon in case of danger

© Self Defense Weapons / facebook  

8. 2-in-1 coffee: it’s instant and comes in a straw

© Yanko Design / facebook  

9. Everyone needs an extra lamp when moving: it is formed from the cardboard that the bulb comes in. Who would’v ever thought?!

© Celery Design / facebook  

10. A soap dispenser-grater

© FakePointsForBoobsII / imgur  

11. A staircase with drawers: a way to store everything in style

© Danny Kuo  

12. A dumbbell that quenches your thirst: you have no more excuses!

© leaderwho / reddit  

13. A tape dispenser that holds the end of the tape

© Tadpole / facebook  

14. These tires are perfect for driving through construction: no air, so no punctures from nails

© jstrait975 / imgur  

15. A portable calendar stamp to bring to all your meetings

© Francesco Mugnai  

16. A brilliant idea: bulbs that inflate as the light gets brighter

© Front/ youtube  

17. For anyone who has trouble keeping track of their umbrella – this one has a very practical, moldable handle

© blankblank / reddit  

18. For city-dwellers who like to ride their bikes, here’s an umbrella-sized bike that can easily be carried anywhere

© Sada Bike / facebook  

19. A cheat-sheet table set that teaches you how to set the table

© llotllov / facebook  

20. A built-In vacuum that removes what you sweep up

© IbraimZekir \ imgur  

21. Unbelievable: a crutch that frees your arms and lets you feel like a pirate

© An1onn / imgur  

22. With this ingenious system, your seat serves as a bike lock, so now both are safe!

© Seatylock / facebook  

23. So you can open boxes with your finger

© An1onn / imgur  

24. A to-go coffee thermos that clings to you

© Closca Design / facebook  

25. A bottle opener that saves the caps: less cleaning up after a party with your friends

© An1onn / imgur  

26. Awesome: a T-shirt that tells when you’ve sweated enough at the gym

© Seriousshockkeptmealive / imgur.com  

27. An improvement on the traditional baby shower cap: now the water stays out of their eyes

© Amazon  

28. A faucet extension that lets your kids wash their hands on their own

© Aqueduck