28 photos that show the trials and tribulations of being a parent

For some couples, becoming parents is a joint goal that they can't imagine foregoing...  The joys of bringing up kids is, however, a double-edged sword where adorably cute moments quickly turn into tantrums and bed times can become the stuff of nightmares!

Here are 28 photos that show the trials and tribulations of being a parent faced with a determined child! Do these ring any bells?  Tell us your stories and feel free to share this article with any future moms and dads that you know!

1. His mom told him to stop picking his nose with his finger, so he decided to use his toe

© baby_pterodactyl/reddit  

2. It only took 2 minutes of unsupervised play for this kid to get here!

© Zoran Jovanovski  

3. Kids don't care about hygiene when it comes to animals!


4. Learning the art of selfies...

© jaeseabean / Imgur  

5. This baby prefers to be carried, even when he's in his stroller

© craziegraciie / Reddit  

6. This kid insisted on dressing up as a camp fire for Halloween

© mikedsvt / Imgur  

7. The Golden Rule: if they suddenly go quiet, it means they're up to no good!

© ultranothing / Reddit  

8. You can never have enough pizza...

© GenesisFuzz / Imgur  

9. They may be small, but they can wreak havoc in a flash!

© Rxero13 / Imgur  

10. Like father, like son

© GirlLunarExplorer / Reddit  

11. Having kids means you can be one too!

© AnarchoCapitalist / Reddit  

12. Kids grow up too quickly

© _sherriv / Twitter  

13. The joys of yearbook photos...

© gloryboysodmg / Twitter  

14. When back to school smiles turn into tears...

© meriah_j / Twitter  

15. Hands up if your parents embarrassed you!

© chrxstianh__ / Twitter  

16. Because shopping baskets are actually meant for kids not groceries

© pm_me_da_booty_plz / Reddit  

17. Taking a sneaky sip...

© thedumone / Reddit  

18. Now to get him out in one piece...

© uvronac / Reddit  

19. Because pets are meant to be dressed up

© chris_keisad / Reddit  

20. When you let your toddler do your make up...

© 2pagesaweek / Reddit  

21. There's always one...

© Tyler1243 / Reddit  

22. They'll believe you if you tell them horses can grow in water...

© ignis_flatus / Reddit  

23. Diaper Man, the latest superhero blockbuster at a theater near you!

© doctorray / Reddit  

24. Get used to sleepless nights...

© spielplatz / Reddit  

25. Don't assume you can find peace and quiet by sneaking off to the toilet

© branigankerr365 / Imgur  

26. Kids love copying their parents!

© that1mum / Twitter  

27. One minutes she's a baby, the next she's graduating from high school

© 123alwayssmilen / Twitter  

28. Just remember, you're allowed to get your own back!

© suppjo / Twitter

So are you ready to start a family?  Or do you already have a brood that keeps you on your parenting toes?  What's the worst, funniest or craziest thing they've done?