28 photos that are strangely satisfying to look at and maybe a bit OCD

You might be someone who likes things in perfect order. Maybe it’s having the immaculate phone screen where you delicately take off the protective film. Or you’re someone whose hair stands on end when all the TV remotes are stored neatly side by side, each in its place.

But you aren’t OCD – you just like order, cleanliness, and organization. More than anything, it makes you happy when what you see and use is close to perfect. Then you suddenly become more relaxed. You’ll probably get this same feeling when you look through these photos ...

1. These wires were installed by the best electrician around!

© four_low / reddit  

2. A full parking lot has never been so beautiful!

© Peach State Challengers "Public" / Facebook  

3. This electrician deserves an award.

© ecky--ptang-zooboing / reddit  

4. A perfectly divided cherry

© davidefinitely / reddit  

5. And now you’re trapped, because you don’t want to step anywhere and ruin this perfect white blanket of snow.

© squidkennedy / reddit  

6. At first, you just wanted a bowl of cereal...

7. Waking up early in the morning and making such perfect pancakes! This day is going to be great, no doubt!

© hvisla / reddit  

8. A fairly spectacular arrangement of fresh onions that will inspire your cooking!

9. Whoever shoveled this snow is a born artist!

© APHTHARTO / reddit  

10. This parmesan warehouse with perfectly stacked rows of cheese…

© hootersbutwithcats / Reddit  

11. When you get so bored that you sort gummy bears by color…

© unknown / imgur  

12. The straight line in the middle of this rock matches the horizon perfectly.

© alicia-t / reddit  

13. A dab of lotion that looks like whipped cream... or Italian ice cream!

© unknown / imgur  

14. A puzzle-shaped sandwich...

© Sandrix1 / reddit  

15. A grocery aisle organized by an employee who should definitely get a raise.

© Acualis / reddit  

16. There is total symmetry between the sun and the shade, as well as with the shape of the building.

© b2utynthebeast / reddit  

17. All these nuts are lined up perfectly to the nearest millimeter.

© dont_drink_the_milk / reddit  

18. The famous morning dew on the top of a car...

© AllAmericanHero28 / reddit  

19. This cashier is meticulous... or slightly OCD.

© Bjcistok / reddit  

20. A stack of shuffled sticky notes that merge together so beautifully…

© witenry / reddit  

21. “Here are some colorful carrots from my meager harvest.”

© Auracy / reddit  

22. The pills fit perfectly.

© unknown / imgur  

23. I dare you to scramble them…

© unknown / imgur  

24. These leaves mark the different stages of the year...

© VertigoGnome / reddit  

25. Hare are some nicely organized sweets:

26. When your toothbrush wants to play music!

© stopimafederalagent / reddit  

27. This snake’s skin looks so smooth and velvety it makes us want to cuddle it!

© ecky--ptang-zooboing / reddit  

28. This wall in the Harry Hays building in Calgary is filled with different types of breads and it also spells “bread” in the middle.

© FunkyardDogg / reddit