28 photos that anyone who lives in a hot country will understand

Most of us live in countries where we enjoy scorching summers, but we often forget that some parts of the world are baking hot all-year-round. To give you some idea of what 'baking hot' means, the Guinness Book of World Records states the highest air temperature ever recorded on Earth is a sweltering 133°F! In other words, hot enough to fry an egg (and us!!!).

In honor of those of you who can't live without air-conditioning, here are 30 photos that anyone who lives in a tropical country will understand!

1. How to ensure you're fully protected!

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2. Melbourne Zoo gives its lions frozen blood ice cubes to cool them down on hot days

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3. Seagulls love a bit of ice cream to cool themselves down!

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4. It took 3 hours, but yes it was hot enough to fry an egg!

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5. Putting frozen toys into a bowl of water is a great way to get your pets to drink!

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6. When it's scorching hot, but you really want to reach the next level...

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7. Even sheep will use water fountains during a heatwave

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8. You can never have too many fans...

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9. It can get so hot in India that sometimes the roads melt...

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10. Give your British Bulldog a refreshing ice cube bath!

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11. No air-con?  Just take a block of ice to bed with you!

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12. On a serious note, plunging your hands and feet into cold water can help avoid heatstroke!

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13. The temperature of the tarmac in this Australian town reached 158°F!

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14. The pastor of this Queensland church couldn't even manage to change the sign!

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15. These students were banned from wearing shorts to school, so they turned up in skirts!

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16. When the Hampton weather forecast wants to make sure you stay indoors

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17. When your puppy needs to cool down...

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18. A melted ice cream van in Australia...

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19. Why spend money on electricity when you can bake your cookies in your car for free!

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20. Don't be surprised if you see drivers in Arizona wearing oven gloves

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21. When blinds start to melt in Las Vegas

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22. Always, we repeat, ALWAYS use sunscreen!

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23. When the only cool place is the freezer

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24. When it's so hot that your candles melt

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25. Meanwhile in Canada some caribou enjoy a refreshing dip

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26. When your cat prefers the fridge to their basket

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27. Melted traffic lights in Kuwait...

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28. Anything to create some shade...

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