28 curious photos from this amazing planet

Even the biggest library in the world can’t teach everything about the Earth. It is full of mysteries. We’ll never discover all of them in a lifetime. Earth has been around for millions of years without revealing all her secrets.

Here, you’ll see some of them, well hidden in some places on Earth. Some are unique phenomena that occur as a result of human interaction, like what happens to a boiled egg that’s forgotten about for 20 years... Nature does its thing.

1. This is a Valonia ventricosa, a single-celled alga found in Earth’s oceans.

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2. This ice looks like an eye.

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3. The sky over Taipei is almost clear...almost!

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4. This fly is light enough to be supported by its “hairs.”

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5. This painting has some competition, since it is directly across from the Mona Lisa.

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6. How a drop of water turns into a snowflake…

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7. Have you ever seen this side of a peacock?

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8. This plant has some beautiful hips!

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9. These ants are smarter than you might think: they’re building a bridge to get to a wasps’ nest!

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10. In Italy, there’s a cherry tree that grows directly on top of a mulberry tree.

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11. This crocodile propels itself out of the water for food!

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12. These plants grew from a seed planted 32,000 years ago! They were discovered on the shores of the Kolyma River in Siberia, in 2015.

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13. You’re going to have to wait a few seconds before continuing your journey…

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14. The world’s smallest international bridge connects Portugal and Spain.

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15. The Giant Salamander is the largest living amphibian known today!

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16. Have you ever seen the X-ray of an arm after amputation?

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17. If you don’t want a truck to run into you while passing it, turn on your headlights!

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18. This woman interprets sign language at a rock concert.

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19. Oil and vinegar in the same bottle!

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20. In Japan, this bread is sold with the crust already cut off!

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21. When you see this on a plane, you have the right to freak out!

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22. The largest bird sculpture in the world is found in India!

23. If you’ve never seen a seashell move, here you go!

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24. This tree was split in two by a bolt of lightning!

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25. Here's what happens to broccoli if you don’t cut it fast enough!

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26. In Saudi Arabia, you can see this huge rock perfectly split in two!

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27. Remember to always wear your helmet!

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28. “My mom kept an Easter egg for 20 years – the white disintegrated and the yolk fossilized!”

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