27 very surprising things that exist on our planet

Although we are highly evolved, we haven’t quite mastered science yet. It just so happens that there are still a lot of things that have never been seen before. Indeed, man’s ingenuity seems to have no limit.

Here are 27 things that you've probably never seen before and had no idea they even existed!

1. You thought you had "Coke bottle" glasses? What do you think of these?

© TwinPurpleEagle/reddit  

2. Here’s some glue that got hard!

© mmcnama4/reddit  

3. Freedom! 

© DefLepFan/reddit  

4. Here's a park where they trim the trees very precisely

© snoblitz/imgur  

5. The Portuguese are hilarious with this fish-mas tree!

© Logzus/reddit  

6. Here’s a rebellious M&M!

© Iassann/imgur  

7. This is Patrick the Wombat...

© MrTheFysh/reddit  

8. The power of nature at work...

© DarthVince/reddit  

9. ...And in case that didn’t convince you!

© vinnfier/imgur  

10. Part of the food chain in a single picture!

© Jerrinq/imgur  

11. There are strange people everywhere... 

© DystopianSoul/reddit  

12. This child symbol is very simple: it has no body, only a head with arms and legs

© madWasabii/reddit  

13. The wind must’ve been blowing hard while it was really cold!

© alouwriter/reddit  

14. Have you ever seen what a flag on a putting green looks like after being struck by lightning?

© Geoffreypjs/reddit  

15. This tree was also struck by lightning and burned from the inside for 5 days straight

© gDisasters/reddit  

16. When your shoes match the escalator steps perfectly

© DD1234567/imgur  

17. A light in the toilet so you can see where to go in the middle of the night!

© frannypack/imgur  

18. Emu eggs... in a supermarket!

© fantoman/reddit  

19. The faucet dripped and made a bottle!

© jvek8604/imgur  

20. It seems that this knife has seen better days!

© waterbat2/imgur  

21. The lights aren’t on top of the snow, but underneath it! 

© TXweathergirl/imgur  

22. This tree trunk is just beautiful!

© gtj/reddit  

23. Legos on the ground that probably still hurt when you step on them

© unknown author/imgur  

24. Can you tell how strong a snake is from this image?

© babysaidmaybe/imgur  

25. What a strange building! How do you get inside?

© jayeshbharvsd3000/imgur  

26. Still think that the paving stones are real?

27. The new trend next Christmas...?

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