27 unexpected discoveries found by chance

People discover unexpected things every day in the world. We wonder what message nature is trying to send us. It makes you wonder if all this is real.

The world around us is always impressive. So, we have to share our discoveries with as many people as possible, to convince them that we aren’t crazy. That must be what the people who took these pictures below were saying to themselves.

1. These roots are outgrowing their spot!

© unfulfillingprophecy / reddit  

2. Legend says it still works…

© OctopussSevenTwo/ imgur  

3. A design in a cut tree trunk!

© unknown user/ reddit  

4. New tomatoes growing right out of the original tomato!

© BillyG04t / reddit  

5. A cereal bar in Spain!

© portajohnjackoff / reddit 

6. You’re not seeing things. This is a coin like in the Mario games... right in the middle of Houston!

© iloveeverysinglecat / reddit  

7. The biggest foosball game in the world!

© CankaYarlo / reddit  

8. No, it’s not an animal sculpture, but a reindeer’s antler!

© glowzticz / reddit  

9. Ice cream missing its cone!

© Pepperoni-Ghost / reddit  

10. A giant beetle

© reddit99 / reddit  

11. This leaf that has been chewed into a symmetrical design!

© LlamaLia / reddit  

12. This rock has been painted to look like an old VHS tape.

© Operator_81 / reddit 

13. When nature reasserts itself in front of an abandoned loading dock

© your_pancakefulness / reddit  

14. He found his car... 30 years later!

© ThatGuyJimFromWork / reddit  

15. You can see this tree stump on a random street Rome!

© StupidSega / reddit  

16. When grass grows out of a brick building!

© PyromaniacWulf / reddit  

17. A scary sight on a hike!

© WantedOnAVoyage / reddit  

18. When road workers play Tic-Tac-Toe right in the middle of the street...

© midwestcsstudent / reddit  

19. A stranger left a message on this banana....

© TheGirlKing / reddit  

20. “I found several pairs of concrete shoes scattered all over town.”

© melodysblack / reddit  

21. The gutters at Buena Vista Park in San Francisco are made with old tombstones.

© 4152510 / reddit  

22. They have a funny Spiderman in Mexico!

© Brunoise6 / reddit  

23. A seedless cucumber!

© creepitrealll / reddit  

24. There are more sticks than ice cream!

© slapadabass / reddit  

25. A tomato that has had surgery

© sdj805 / reddit  

26. It's just a piece of cheese! Eat it without fear…

© VelvetGloveinTO / reddit  

27. This truck has been parked in the yard for 10 years...

© holyshitba11s /reddit