27 quirky and unusual inventions

Inventing a useful gadget is one thing, but when you come up with something that has a double-purpose, it's even better! A cell phone charger that's also a funky bracelet, a cheese grater that's actually fun rather than tedious to use... In our consumerist world, designers are constantly coming up with cool ideas in their quest to beat the competition!

Here are 27 quirky and unusual products that are definitely going on our wish list!

1. A trendy bracelet that's also a cell phone charger

© H720/reddit  

2. The perfect practical present for a math teacher

© atomicpete/reddit  

3. An umbrella that not only fully protects you, but also lets you look straight ahead

© Patz0r/imgur  

4. A flash drive that shows you how much storage space remains

© thefifthgiant/reddit  

5. Finally, a plastic bag designed for pizzas!

© Ale85962/reddit  

6. Always wished you could ride a unicorn?  Why not invest in a 'unicorn bike'?

© unknown author/imgur  

7. This shirt has an integrated microfiber glasses cleaner patch

© Zedevile/reddit  

8. A lamp that looks like glowing embers

© Krusader67/reddit  

9. Ever put seashells to your ear to hear the sea?  Well, here's a 'musical' version!

© leozik/reddit  

10. Refine your air guitar skills with this cheese grater

© unknown author/imgur  

11. We love this bottle opener!

© TheMexicanSteak/imgur  

12. Perfect for when you need to fill a jug using a faucet

© SharkGlue/reddit  

13. A Fibonacci spiral clock for anyone who loves brain-teasers

© liiit/reddit  

14. A gift for anyone who loves cooking and percussion instruments

© Patz0r/imgur  

15. Hilarious bookmark!

© Breaderick/reddit  

16.  A toolkit in a Thor's hammer case... One for DIY fans who also love comics!

© Panda_911/reddit  

17. A very cool light - we love the way the cable forms the pencil line...

© VerGuy/reddit  

18. A mouth-watering, galactic box of chocolates

© clap4kyle/reddit  

19. How to dunk cookies without them disintegrating in the glass!

© mathewfrok/reddit  

20. Charge up your phone whilst you de-stress!

© unknown author/imgur  

21. For anyone who gets confused by the 24hr clock!

© actionjackson4414/reddit  

22. A simple yet awesome idea!

© Patz0r/imgur  

23. Double-ended toothpaste so you don't waste a drop!

© Umgurbanned/imgur  

24. A must for any multi-cat households!

© ProjectGSX/reddit  

25. A set of very sleek playing cards!

© hesaidshutup/reddit  

26. A Christmas sweater that has its own cozy fire! Just download the app and insert your cell phone into a specially designed pocket!

© H720/reddit  

27. A giant suspended net, perfect for a quick nap at the office

© pya.cc  

What about you? Have you ever come up with a 2-in-1 gadget? As for this selection, which one's your favorite? Share your comments with us below!