27 photos that prove the power of self-mockery in the face of adversity

None of us are perfect, but that doesn't stop some people from picking on others in their quest to be 'cool'... With the internet littered with trolls, bullying is rife, so it's a welcome relief to see people using humor and self-mockery to shut down their critics!

Here are 29 awesome people who overcame bullies and critics by using self-mockery with hilarious results! What about you? How do you react when someone picks on you or if you find yourself being mercilessly teased?  Do you use self-mockery or do you tend to crawl away and hide?

1. When Harry Potter lines up for a photo with a fan that looks more like the character than the actor himself!

© bollister / reddit  

2. This teacher is the only one in the school who wears a headscarf - we just love her sense of humor!

© virtualghufran / twitter  

3. “When I was 16, my parents commissioned my grandad to paint a portrait of me to raise my self-esteem. It did not.”

© floozyesq / twitter  

4. "This is why no one talks to me at school!"

© sarvanieloheimo / twitter  

5. When you're fed up of people asking you if you're pregnant just because you carry a little extra weight...

© @zulekaz  

6. This lady tells people who comment on her really long arms that she doesn't need to bend down to do up her laces!

© Girly Memes / facebook  

7. Oh the irony...

© AfistingRobot / reddit  

8. When you serve yourself a mug of irony

© dddash / reddit  

9. Don't you just love yearbook editors?

© Idonthaveausernamebecauseimnotcreative / imgur  

10. At least this employee can see the funny side!

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11. When you get sunburned and your face swells up!

© CadeHuckabay / twitter  

12. The camera never lies, although mirrors like to distort

© IchHuhn / reddit  

13. When fortune cookies make fun of you!

© briochebro / reddit  

14. A restaurant owner who knows how to welcome their regular customers!

© leebob05 / reddit  

15. Bet he never knew he had a twin

© Idonthaveausernamebecauseimnotcreative / imgur  

16. When you decide to celebrate your divorce with a special cake!

© shapingsense / imgur  

17. This guy was fed up with his students poking fun at his bald head, so came up with this genius idea!

© Fergus93 / reddit  

18. How to alter a tattoo after a nasty break-up!

© MustardTiger99 / reddit  

19. When you're determined to seduce the nurses!

© dsblock19 / reddit  

20. Be different by dressing the same...

© andyreddiator / reddit  

21. Do as I say, but not as I do!

© jaykirsch / reddit  

22. Work out and enjoy a beer at the same time!

© gavhimself_ / reddit  

23. The coolest prosthetics doctor on the planet!

© Caesar100 / reddit  

24. Correction... The camera does sometimes lie!

© bilbofraginz / reddit  

25. Seen on the Olathe Police website - “We’ve been training all year for this day.”

© OlathePolice / twitter  

26. An anatomically perfect disguise

© igri / pikabu  

27. When DiCaprio won his first Oscar he asked the engraver “Do you make it every year? How would I know…”

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