27 photos that define the word 'perfection'

A love of beauty is something we all feel, whether it's a natural phenomenon or not. Visually satisfying objects and images provide a soothing contrast to the darker side of modern life and if you look around, you'll find perfection in all sorts of places and situations!

Here are 27 zen-inducing photos that define the word 'perfection'. 

1. When arriving and leaving the office creates a minimalist work of 'snow art'

© norlin / reddit.com  

2. A perfect ball of sand

© AbbotCellach / reddit.com  

3. When Japanese pancakes look too good to eat!

© WitcherMcGee / imgur.com  

4. The beauty of pipes

© jrpac49 / reddit.com  

5. When you managed to perfectly cover your plate of cookies with cling film!

© YourTypicalAntihero / reddit.com  

6. When your shirt perfectly matches your chair

© tforpatato / reddit.com  

7. A burger that looks as good as it does in the ad!

© joshyvero / reddit.com  

8. When only one bubble's unburst

© TheBartNew / reddit.com  

9. The sheer beauty of a snow leopard

© Bioluh / pikabu.ru  

10. This 8 month-old baby girl's hair is perfectly spiral - worthy of a Van Gogh painting!

© cwhite0729 / reddit.com  

11. Hands up if you'd like a floor as beautifully made as this!

© WhyteRebel / reddit.com  

12.  When your tomato plant only bears one fruit and it's absolutely perfect

© baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab / reddit.com  

13. No, it's not an egg... It's a chunk of cheese that's slowly melting!

© NoleContendere / reddit.com  

14. Sculptural waves

© AdamE89 / reddit.com  

15. The roundest, cutest hamster on Earth!

© Riptidecharger / reddit.com  

16. The art of camouflage... Spot the owl!

© dirtydaversfg / reddit.com  

17. When a snowflake falls on a strand of your hair and your friend manages to photograph it!

© matts77 / reddit.com  

18. When winds and currents form a mini foam iceberg in a river

© Radiocureee / reddit.com  

19. When your pizza has exactly 3 slices of pepperoni on each slice

© kingdizzle / reddit.com  

20.  The beauty that is Mother Nature

© superfly355 / reddit.com  

21. A rainbow-colored chili

© petriomelony / reddit.com  

22. Precision electronics!

© iam_nobody / reddit.com  

23. A ski run ready for its visitors... It seems almost a shame to ruin it!

© Bitchingo / reddit.com  

24. No Photoshop and this isn't for an ad... The perfect pile of mouth-watering pancakes!

© LambeauLeapt / reddit.com  

25. When Christmas lights reflect off a metal fridge for a magical, psychedelic effect!

© Rizanamhsra / reddit.com  

26. When scales and eye are a perfect match... Even if you're scared of snakes, you have to admit these two are magnificent beasts (from afar!).

© ChazDoge / reddit.com  

27. Snow bomb!

© SilentEdge / reddit.com  

What about you?  Have you ever seen or managed to photograph something 'perfect'?  Share your comments and snaps with us below!