27 inventions set to make modern life easier

New inventions appear on the market every day of the week. Gadgets, smart furniture, fashion trends... The list is endless! Some turn out to be pretty useless, but others have or will transform the way we live...

Here's our selection of the top 27 inventions and designs that will revolutionize our daily lives, although you'll probably have some others that you'd like to add to our list!

1. A bed charging system so your batteries never run out

© Bed Bath & Beyond  

2. Save space with this stackable furniture

© viendoraglass.com  

3. Wash sneakers without damaging your washing machine drum

© Walmart  

4. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

© kimseungwoo.com  

5. A pen that shows you how much ink is left

© SteveAgar / Reddit  

6. Use pedal power to charge up your smartphone

© bandofgypsies / Reddit  

7. A 'cone of silence' - the latest high tech invention now found in libraries

© MrCrash2U / Reddit  

8. A fridge with an integrated water filter

© FocusPuRe / Reddit  

9. Kiss goodbye to grimy remote controls!

© BonerChamp6 / Reddit  

10. Save time at the checkout by scanning your groceries while you shop

© redkulat / Reddit  

11. A door handle with integrated hand sanitizer

© maedayyy / Reddit  

12. A gadget that cleans escalator handrails

© hovermind / Reddit  

13. This college in Malaysia doesn't hold roll calls before class - students use a QR code to register their presence!

© Original_Afghan / Reddit  

14. Batteries that are charged up via a USB cable

© skyraider_37 / Reddit  

15. A Rubik's cube for blind people

© Stoopkidnahmean / Reddit  

16. Avoid dirty handles by using your wrist to open a door!

© airmen4Christ / Reddit  

17. In Sweden some public benches have USB ports

© Kulty / Reddit  

18. Count how many calories you burn when walking up stairs

© GoliathsBigBrother / Reddit  

19. Avoid dripping umbrellas

© Unknown author / Reddit  

20. A special door for kids to make them feel more at home

© dusanman1 / Reddit  

21. A head rest for drunken customers!

© Mirrorboy17 / Reddit  

22. Fresh meat dispensers for when grocery stores are closed

© doubleflusher / Reddit  

23. A single faucet for washing and drying your hands

© codman2991 / Reddit  

24. A self-service laundry meets gym!

© IgiveSmallTips / Reddit  

25. A call button so that reduced mobility customers can ask for help

© EronHope / Imgur  

26. Stackable handles so you can carry drinks and avoid spills

© Telemechos / Reddit  

27. Chairs with notches for bags so that you don't need to leave them on the floor

© HOSSY95 / Reddit